Shroud’s First Game In Sentinels vs The Guard: VCT NA LCQ 2022

Sentinels vs The Guard
Sentinels vs The Guard VCT NA LCQ 2022

Shroud’s First Game In Sentinels vs The Guard in the VCT NA LCQ 2022. In the opening stage of the upper bracket, Sentinels and The Guard faced off against one another. Shroud made his professional debut for the Sentinels, it was a significant day in competitive Valorant. The Guard, the Challengers 1 champions, presented the former Masters Reykjavik winners with fierce challenges.

Sentinels vs The Gaurd Match 1 in Breeze 

The Sentinels put forth a collective effort as they jumped out to a commanding lead as the half approached. Nine rounds had been completed when SEN was ahead 7-2. The Guard were able to regain their composure, though, and finished the half with a 7-5 disadvantage after a crucial three-round comeback. Zellsis was the SEN player of the half. This map was extended by GRD’s amazing efforts. Shroud’s spectacular triple kill on the map brought the OT to a close with Sentinels winning.

Match 2 in Ascent  

The Guard leveled the tie at 1-1 by recovering on their chosen map, Ascent. The Sentinels would again go out to an early advantage, this time 4-0, and put the Guard under a lot of strain as the map got off to a fairly poor start for the Guard. The Guard began by taking the first seven rounds, winning six of them, to advance to the match point. Even though Sentinels gave it their all, a turnaround was not possible as this series moved to a third and last map.

Third and Final Match in Icebox 

With a position in the upper bracket’s next round on the line, tensions were high. The first overtime round was won by Sentinels, but The Guard promptly put an end to it. The Guard then gained a round advantage as they advanced to a subsequent match point. Finally, The Guard was able to defeat Sentinels and advance to the upper bracket. Sentinels must now start the process over again.

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