CODM Season 2 Leaks & Updates: Call of Duty Mobile

Codm season 2 updates
CODM season 2 updates

Season 2 updates of CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) is about everything to get hyped for. Honestly, no other popular title comes close in comparison with both the quantity & quality of its season updates. With each passing season of CoD Mobile the gameplay only gets better. Here are the big changes that are already on the test server & soon launching in Season 2 of CoD mobile.

Multiplayer Updates CODM Season 2

To drop the big bomb at first, Ultra Frame Rate (120fps) is being added in the game. Players can now enable 120fps for up to medium graphics settings. Experts believe with the addition of 120fps, the overall combat experience in multiplayer is going to change drastically. Sadly, people who don’t have a device that supports 120fps must upgrade their hardware for the best experience.

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Next, we have some perks being introduced in the game such as Overclock, Recon & last but not the least the Skillful Dropshot. With this perk players can prone & ads at the same time. To leave no room for confusion, CoD Mobile already allows players to prone & shoot with the ads at the same time. But the feature is getting disabled in the next update. In season 2 you must have the ‘Skillful Dropshot’ perk equipped, otherwise, your gun will return to crosshair mode when you tap on prone while ADSing. 

Bull Charge’ is another addition of the season 2 update. This operator skill allows you to automatically charge forward in high speed & crush every opponent in your path. There’s a scorestreak update named Napalm which can be activated at 1800 points in an MP match. This is the most costly scorestreak ever in the history of CoDM. That said when in action it basically burns down nearby enemies & fills the battlefield with a thick layer of smoke. 

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Napalm, Call of Duty Mobile season 2.
Napalm, Call of Duty Mobile season 2Bull Charger, CODM season 2Bull Charger, CODM season 2

Good news for players who are tired of playing the same map over & over again. A bunch of new maps is being introduced in the game. Shipment 2019, Oasis & Satellite will bring the heat when they’ll be included in the ranked matches later. New modes such as updated Sticks & Stones Samurai, Gun Fight: Sniper, Shoothouse & bunch of other fun modes are being featured in season 2.

New guns named AS Val & SP-R 208 will also be introduced in the new update. You can check out the gameplay here.

BR Updates Season 2

For Battle Royale Season 2, CoD has come up with a new BR tutorial mode. A new graphics filter ‘Warzone Mode’ is also introduced in the Chinese test server. Additionally, certain new features such as Scope Switch & Glide Mode switch is being implemented in the game to improve the overall battle royale experience.

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Furthermore, Delay Bomb, Anti Tank C4 Mine (Proximity Mine) & a new class upgrade named Cluster Strike has been added. With this class upgrade, players can call for an airstrike upon any specific area on the map to bring down enemy strongholds. The new Cargo truck aka. Bertha can be found in Classic Mode, which has much higher durability than other vehicles in the game.

You can check out the battle royale gameplay here.

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