Riot Games retracts its decision to Franchise G2 VALORANT

Riot Games retracts its decision to franchise G2 VALORANT
Riot Games has reversed its decision to franchise G2 VALORANT(Image Via Moroesports).

Riot Games has reportedly removed G2 Esports from the VALORANT Franchise League for Next Year. This comes after Controversy Surrounding the Team’s Recent Behavior. However, their recent behavior including using racist slurs has caused many to question their place in the professional scene.

Many gamers and fans rebuked the team when the Philadelphia franchise was sued for homophobic remarks made by its players. The public outcry demanded they be removed from competition.

Riot Games has announced that G2 Esports will not be a part of their franchise league next year. This is unfortunately a huge blow to the team, and it’ll be especially interesting to see how they manage to recover from this moving forward.

Riot Games retracts its decision to franchise G2 VALORANT

The VALORANT reporter for Dot Esports, George Geddes, tweeted that the organization would not be playing in any partnership leagues next year. This news shocks many team owners who were originally under the impression that Riot had decided to partner with G2.

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According to neL, G2 Esports had already secured a spot in the NA franchise league but was removed after Riot held an emergency meeting.

Some people think that the VALORANT crew shouldn’t have to pay for their CEO’s misdeeds, while others believe it is fair. However, one thing is certain: this decision has sparked a lot of debate and disagreement.

CEO Carlos Report

On Saturday, G2 Esports CEO Carlos “ocelote” Rodriguez tweeted out a video of himself partying with Andrew Tate, who is notorious for his misogynistic content on TikTok. Prior to being banned from the social media platform, YouTube and Meta (Facebook, Instagram) also prohibited his content. He is currently under investigation for sex trafficking and has fled the UK after accusations of sexual assault.

“These are just some modest steps we must take as a company. We will continue to do our best every day to improve ourselves and the industry in general. We thank G2ARMY and the Esports community for keeping us on track.” said by “G2 Esports”.

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Rodriguez Apology

Rodriguez tweets an apology to his followers, “I am so sorry to the G2 fans that were disappointed this weekend. I want you to know that it has always been my goal to stand for equality of opportunity, which is what gaming should be all about. Please believe me when I say that I have learned from my mistakes and I will do better in the future.” admitting he should have been more mindful of the situation and vowing to do better in the future. The followers of the organization criticized him, claiming that his speech was a “PR speech” and were “words written by someone else.”

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According to recent reports, Riot Game has cut G2 Esports from its plans for the upcoming season due to the team’s involvement in a recent controversy.

According to George Geddes, a well-known VALORANT reporter for Dot Esports, the organization is no longer in contention for any partnership league next year. This claim was made in follow-up to his initial tweet. Where he stated that “plenty of team owners were confused by what was going on”. And  “Riot originally decided on partnering with G2 but did a complete u-turn.”

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