Red Bull Home Ground Valorant Tournament Teams and Prize Pool

Red Bull Home Ground
02/12/2022 | Red Bull Home Ground Season 3 is coming with the Valorant Off//Season tournament. It will feature teams like 100 Thieves, Team Liquid, and more. | Credits: Red Bull

VCT 2023 is three months away. In the meantime, Red Bull has prepared a Tournament named the Red Bull Home Ground #3 that facets famous groups like Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, Team Vitality, Team Heretics, and tons more. We will seem at the group lineups in the subsequent section. It is necessary to recognize that the Prize Pool for this Tournament is $100,000. The division for 1st, 2nd, and third is unknown.

There will be eight groups taking part in this Tournament. Out of these teams, seven are confirmed. Here are their lineups.

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100 Thieves

  • Asuna
  • Stellar
  • Derrek
  • Bang
  • Cryocells

Team Liquid

  • Soulcas
  • Jamppii
  • Redgar
  • Nats
  • Sayf

Team Vitality

  • Cender
  • Bonecold
  • Molsi
  • Destrian
  • Twisten


  • YaboiLewis
  • Jugi
  • Lime
  • Kpzet
  • Purpo

Kru Esports

  • Klaus
  • Nagz
  • Xand
  • Daveeys
  • Axeddy

Team Heretics

  • Keloqz
  • Mixwell
  • Zeek
  • Boo
  • Avova

FUT Esports

  • Mojj
  • Qraxs
  • QW1
  • Mrfalin
  • Ata Kaptan

There are seven groups in complete proper now. One greater group will be introduced as quickly as the Tournament receives closer. For now, we have no statistics about who the eight-team is. However, we won’t be amazed if it is any other European or North American team. The Tournament will be performed in Manchester, England, and the PCs will have the 5.10 Patch.

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In addition, the layout is distinct from an ordinary VCT tournament. A crew alternatives their strongest map as the domestic ground, and the recreation will be a BO5 (best of 5). The crew mechanically wins if they win each of their home-ground picks. The Tournament will go on for two days only. The Tournament begins on the ninth of December and ends on the 11th.

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