Rahul Gamer Free Fire ID, Stats and Other Details in May 2021

Rahul Game is a famous Free Fire content creator from India.

Rahul Gamer
Rahul Gamer

Rahul Gamer is a famous Free Fire content creator from India. He has over 1.34 million subscribers on his YouTube channel where he regularly streams Free Fire. Moreover, the streamer has attained over 200k subscribers and 1.81 million views in the past 30 days. This article provides you with details regarding Rahul Gamer’s Free Fire ID, stats, and much more in May 2021.

Rahul Gamer’s Free Fire ID and Stats

Rahul Gamer’s Free Fire ID is 193185339.

Lifetime Stats

Rahul Gamer has participated in 9200 squad matches in Free Fire. By attaining the triumphs in 1925 matches, he has maintained a win percentage of 20.92%. Also, the streamer has a K/D ratio of 3.71 with 26991 kills.

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Talking of his duo matches, YouTube has won 646 matches out of 5076. Thus, maintaining a win rate of 12.72%. With a total of 14160 kills, he is upholding a 3.20 K/D ratio.

The content creator has taken part in 2572 solo matches and won 324 out of them. Therefore, he maintains a win rate of 12.59%. With a total of 7284 frags to his name, he has a K/D ratio of 3.24.

Ranked Stats

 Rahul Gamer Free Fire
Rahul Gamer Free Fire

Rahul Gamer has participated in 24 squad matches in Free Fire and has won 5 out of them. Thereby, making a win rate of 20.83%. With a K/D ratio of 6.21, he has total of 118 frags to his name.

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The streamer has got the single win in 22 ranked duo matches. Thus, it makes a win percentage of 4.54%. He has a total of 81 kills which makes his K/D ratio 3.86.

The gamer has attained victory 3 times in 25 solo games. This maintains his win rate of 12.00%. With a K/D ratio of 4.18, he has a total of 92 kills to his name.

Rahul Gamer YouTube Channel

 The content creator started his YouTube channel in 2019. He posted his first video in June 2019. Therefore, it has been 2 years since he is creating content on YouTube. Presently, he has over 261 videos on his YouTube channel. Also, there are a total of 73 million views combined on this channel.

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