R Esports Announces PUBG Mobile New State Roster: All Details

R Esports
R Esports Announces PUBG Mobile New State Roster New Update

Indian BGMI esports organizations have been shifting their focus on game development for New State Mobile after the game was allegedly banned following its removal from the virtual storefronts.

PUBG’s popularity has exploded in India since it was launched there last month. The Krafton Finals of several official competitions have been won by their BGMI line-up.

On July 28, India announced that PUBG New State would no longer be available for pre-registration. The game was also not accessible on popular mobile app stores such as Google Play and Apple App Store, fueling rumors that it had been banned in the country.

Official Statement

Krafton has said they are following the law, but without official confirmation of the game’s ban from authorities, Indian gamers have started to leave for other titles.

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The discontinuation of PUBG in India has been a significant blow to the competitive scene there, as many top players and teams have had to scramble to find new games. This has also caused a decline in interest in the game, as many Indian gamers are now playing other titles.

Krafton has not yet commented on the situation, but it is clear that the game’s future in India is uncertain. It remains to be seen whether the game will be banned or not, but in the meantime, Indian gamers and teams are moving on to other titles.

New State Mobile, a squad of New State Esports, which includes Wizz, Hector, KingOG, and Rohan, has been acquired. R esports is dedicated to creating a competitive atmosphere for its players and will continue to support the PUBG: New State community in India.

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With the introduction of PUBG New State, the mobile gaming community in India is poised to get a lot bigger. Team R Esports has teamed up with New State Mobile to become the first Indian organization to do so. This is fantastic news for gamers in India who have wanted to compete worldwide for some time.

PUBG New State

With PUBG New State, the Indian mobile gaming community will be able to explore a whole new realm of competition. Fortunately, BGMI offered a ray of hope for many fans anxiously awaiting the return of their favorite game.

If the game ban is made permanent, BAMF will likely become a viable and competitive alternative for PUBG Mobile esports. Players to pursue with many PUBG Mobile pro gamers switching to BGMI. The competitive scene in India is expected to heat up during the following months. So keep an eye out for some spectacular BGMI action shortly!

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Following players will play under the radar of R Esports under its PUBG: New State fraternity:

  1. Wizz
  2. Hector
  3. KingOG
  4. Rohan

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