PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav File: Is it a 100% Aimbot?

PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file

Hello guys we have a special trick for you PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file. If you guys don’t know anything about this file don’t worry we are here for you.

The PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file is just a data file that is used to save your game settings. So, don’t worry it’s a 100% safe file, and first, try this by playing a TDM match with the guest account.

PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file will help you to improve your Aim assist without any hack which means it is 100% safe for your main account. So, you just need to copy this file to your data folder which we tell you in detail.

Latest Active.sav File for PUBG Mobile 1.4 (100% Working)

In the latest update, PUBG Mobile 1.0 lot of users are facing lag issues and delays in the rendering of the item and enemies. So, our PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file will help you to improve and smoothen your PUBG Mobile graphics.

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The best thing about our PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav is that it’s totally safe for your account. In this Active.sav file, we didn’t change any data of the file. We are just giving you the best Active.sav file of a high-end device like iPhone 11, OnePlus, and ASUS ROG Phone 2.

Powerfull active file
Powerfull active file

The File which we have used by some popular players and they share this file with one of our team members and we are also surprised after seeing his legendary gameplay. The only reason behind the improvement in his game is the Active.sav file which we are going to share with you.

PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file Updated 2021: Features (100% Aimbot, High Damage, 80% Headshot)

Our latest Active.sav file will have some best feature which you will definitely experience while fighting with the enemy.

Aimbot: This file has a 100% increase in aimbot as compare to your current active file.

Headshot: When you will use PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file, you will get that while shooting to an enemy 80% aim will connect to the enemy’s head.

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High Damage: This file also has higher damage than other active.sav files.

You will definitely experience much better gameplay than previously you had after using PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file. So, we will provide you a direct download link so that you guys can easily download this file.

How To Use PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav File

As it’s a 100% safe active.sav file but still we recommend you first try it this file on a temporary or secondary account. So, that you can check whether this file supports your device or not. If not then please let us know us in our comment section so we will provide you with another active.sav file that will support your device.

Steps To Run The PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav:

1. First, download the PUBG Mobile Latest Active.sav file using the below link:

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To download PUBG Mobile Global version which is working without VPN for all devices- “Click Here”

2. Goto Download the folder after downloading the Active.sav file and copy this file.

3. After copying the Active.sav file paste it to the below path

File Location
File Location

Inside the SaveGames folder Paste the downloaded Active.sav file and also delete the Cached.sav file.

4. While trying to Paste the Active.sav file a Popup will come in with “Active.sav file already present” Just click on the Replace button.

Now, you guys are ready to play and remember first try on your secondary account. And after that play with your main PUBG Mobile Account. Also, follow us on our Facebook and Instagram channels to get updates about the next powerful Active.sav.

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