Popular Streamer Ludwig Rebrands Moist Moguls to MXS, Invests $500K

24/09/2023 | Popular streamer Ludwig invests $500K to rebrand Moist Moguls as MXS in the competitive Valorant scene. What’s behind this dramatic shift? | Credits: Ludwig

In the ever-evolving world of esports, change is constant, and popular streamer Ludwig Ahgren is making headlines with a dramatic rebranding move. Ludwig, a co-owner of the renowned American esports group Moist Esports, has decided to revamp his Valorant squad, Moist Moguls, under a new banner—MXS. This rebranding is set to reshape the competitive Valorant landscape, and Ludwig’s significant investment of $500,000 adds an intriguing twist to the story.

The Birth of MXS

MXS, short for Moist X Shopify, emerged from a groundbreaking partnership between Shopify Rebellions and Moist Esports. The collaboration resulted in the creation of a united roster that aims to make waves in the world of competitive Valorant. While the name changed from Moist Moguls to MXS, all other aspects of the team remain intact, promising fans the same level of excitement and dedication they’ve come to expect.

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Ludwig’s Role and Investment

At the centre of this rebranding initiative is Ludwig Ahgren, a prominent figure in the esports and streaming community. Ludwig’s significant investment of $500,000 demonstrates his commitment to the venture and his vision for the team’s future success. His involvement is more than financial; it signifies his passion for the game and his dedication to elevating the competitive Valorant scene.

Ludwig’s Statement

When questioned about the possibility of leaving his Valorant squad, Ludwig responded with a resounding “no.” He expressed a strong sense of ownership and loyalty to the team, emphasizing that the rebranding was necessary to eliminate confusion and streamline operations. The decision to retire the “Moguls” name was made to create a unified brand under the Moist Esports umbrella.

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The Collaboration’s Background

The collaboration between Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellions was prompted by Moist’s inability to secure a spot in the Ascension during the Challenger’s season. Recognizing the financial disparities between their team and tier-one organizations, Moist faced the reality that players might be enticed by more lucrative offers elsewhere.

The Lobster Fishers squad, composed of players from Moist and Shopify Rebellions, showcased impressive performances in various competitions. Inspired by this success, Ludwig decided to merge the two teams to form MXS. While Ludwig’s investment is substantial, the partnership’s ultimate success will depend on the team’s performance in the competitive Valorant arena.

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Ludwig Ahgren’s rebranding of Moist Moguls to MXS marks a significant moment in the world of competitive Valorant. With a substantial financial commitment and unwavering dedication, Ludwig aims to lead his team to new heights. MXS is poised to make a name for itself, and fans eagerly await the results of this ambitious collaboration between Moist Esports and Shopify Rebellions. The evolution of MXS promises to be a compelling narrative in the esports world, where change is a constant driving force.

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