Pokémon GO: Advanced Raid Battling Strategies

Pokémon GO: Advanced Raid Battling Strategies
Pokémon GO: Advanced Raid Battling Strategies

Raids are a core component of Pokémon GO, where trainers team up to take down enormously powerful Pokémon. If you want to maximize your success and rewards from raids, it’s time to delve into advanced battling strategies. This guide will teach you how to optimize your teams, master dodging, and coordinate with your fellow raiders for maximum efficiency.

Pokémon GO: Type Advantages and Counters

The foundation of successful raiding lies in understanding type matchups. Pokémon have strengths and weaknesses based on their typing. Here’s how to exploit these:

  • Know Your Enemy: Before a raid, check the raid boss’s type(s). This will determine what Pokémon are most effective against it.
  • Focus on Super Effective: Choose Pokémon with moves that are super effective against the raid boss’s type. These will deal significantly more damage.
  • Resistances Matter Too: Consider Pokémon that resist the boss’s attacks. Staying alive longer means more damage output in the long run.
  • Resources: Websites like Pokebattler and PvPoke provide detailed raid simulations and counter recommendations.

Pokémon GO: Team Building Beyond CP

Combat Power (CP) is important, but it’s not the only factor to consider. Here’s how to craft truly effective raid teams:

  • Movesets Are Key: A Pokémon with high CP but suboptimal moves will perform worse than a lower CP option with the perfect moveset. Research optimal moves for your chosen counters.
  • Invest in the Best: Focus on powering up powerful Pokémon with ideal moves that are meta-relevant for raiding. These will be your long-term raid superstars.
  • Shadow Pokémon: Shadow forms often deal significantly more damage than their standard counterparts, but are also frailer. Evaluate their use case for each specific raid.
  • Mega Evolutions: These offer massive boosts to your team. Coordinate with fellow raiders to maximize Mega Evolution bonuses.

Raiding and You: How to Raid and Raid More Effectively, An Introduction
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Pokémon GO: Dodging Techniques

Dodging incoming attacks saves your Pokémon valuable HP, significantly increasing their survivability:

  • Watch the Yellow Flash: Right before a raid boss uses its charged move, a yellow flash will appear on the screen. This is your cue to dodge.
  • Swipe to Safety: Swipe left or right on your screen to dodge. Timing is crucial – practice makes perfect.
  • Don’t Dodge Everything: Dodging basic attacks reduces your damage output. Focus on dodging powerful charged attacks for maximum efficiency.
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Pokémon GO: Team Size and Coordination

  • Bigger is Better (Usually): Larger raid groups defeat bosses faster, increasing rewards and your odds of catching the Pokémon.
  • Communication is Key: Coordinate with your group on team composition and Mega Evolutions. Use messaging apps and local community groups.
  • Revive and Rejoin: Don’t give up if your team faints! Revive your Pokémon and rejoin the battle as quickly as possible.

Additional Tips

  • Berries Are Your Friends: Golden Razz Berries greatly increase catch chances. Use them wisely on raid bosses.
  • Weather Matters: Weather can boost certain types of Pokémon. Raid during advantageous weather for extra damage.
  • Friendship Bonus: Raiding with Best Friends gives you damage boosts and additional Premier Balls for catching.

Pokémon GO: Mastering Advanced Raiding

Becoming a Pokémon GO raiding expert is about practice, dedication, and strategic thinking. Implement these strategies, and you’ll see your success skyrocket. Now, go forth and conquer those raids! Do you have specific raid scenarios you’d like advice for? Let me know!

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FAQs: Pokémon GO

Q: What’s the difference between basic and advanced raid strategies?

A: Basic strategies typically focus on using high CP Pokémon and hoping for the best. Advanced strategies involve deep understanding of type advantages, optimal movesets, dodging techniques, and team coordination.

Q: Are Shadow Pokémon always better for raids?

A: Not always. Shadow Pokémon offer significantly higher damage output, but they are also less durable. Their effectiveness depends on the specific raid boss and your team composition.

Q: How much does weather really impact raid battles?

A: Weather boosts specific Pokémon types, giving them a damage advantage. Raiding during advantageous weather can significantly increase your team’s effectiveness.

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Q: I’m a newer player. Can I still participate in high-level raids?

A: Absolutely! Even if you don’t have fully optimized Pokémon, contribute by using counters that exploit the boss’s weaknesses and dodging the best you can. Large raid groups can compensate for lower-powered Pokémon.

Q: How do I find other trainers to form raid groups with?

A: Utilize online communities! Seek out Discord servers, Facebook groups, or subreddits dedicated to Pokémon GO in your local area. Apps like PokeRaid also facilitate remote raiding.

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