PMGC 2022 Qualified Teams, Invited Teams, Groups, and More

pmgc 2022 qualified teams
03/12/2022 | PMGC 2022 has begun, and all qualified teams are ready for battle of pride. | Credits: Tencent Games

PUBG Mobile Global Championship or the PMGC, the annual global PUBG Mobile event and the very best honor for any esports group or participant concerned with recreation are lower back once more this year. The PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 will reportedly commence on 10 November 2022, and conclude on the 8th of January 2023, with the Grand Finals.

PMGC 2022

The Group Stage, taking region from 10 November 2022 to 27 November 2022 will cut 48 groups into 3 groups. The pinnacle three from every crew will develop immediately to the PMGC 2022 Grand Finals, and the backside 4 groups will be eliminated. The Survival Stage will take the region from 30 November 2022 to 2 December 2022 with the last groups from the Group Stage struggling with it out for one of the sixteen reachable slots in the Last Chance. The Last Chance, prepared on 3 December 2022 and 4 December 2022 will then furnish the ultimate check with solely the pinnacle 4 groups heading to the PMGC Grand Finals.

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PMGC 2022 Qualified Teams

  • Nova Esports
  • LGD Esports
  • Bigetron RA
  • EVOS Reborn
  • The Infinity
  • Bacon Time
  • Geek Fam
  • 4Rivals
  • D’Xavier
  • Box gaming
  • Godlike stalwart Esports
  • IHC Esports
  • I8 Esports
  • R8 eSports
  • Nigma galaxy
  • One Million Esports
  • Knights
  • Damwon gaming

PMGC 2022: Invited Teams

Group Stage

Group Yellow

  • TEM Entertainment (Thailand)
  • Faze Clan (Thailand)
  • Genesis Dogma GIDS (Indonesia)
  • Geek Fam (Malaysia)
  • D’Xavier (Vietnam)
  • Vivo Keyd (Brazil)
  • Furious Gaming (Chile)
  • Team Falcons (Saudi Arabia)
  • Geekay Esports (Iraq)
  • IHC Esports (Mongolia)
  • Trained to Kill (Nepal)
  • Beşiktaş Esports (Turkey)
  • Game Lord (France)
  • DS Gaming (South Korea)
  • PEL PMGC Qualifiers winners (China)
  • REJECT (Japan)

Red Group

  • Buriram United Esports (Thailand)
  • The Infinity (Thailand)
  • Bigetron RA (Indonesia)
  • 4 Rivals (Malaysia)
  • Box Gaming (Vietnam)
  • Influence Chemin Esports (Brazil)
  • Team Queso (Argentina)
  • R8 Esports (Saudi Arabia)
  • Nigma Galaxy (UAE)
  • Titan Gaming (Kazakhstan)
  • DRS Gaming (Nepal)
  • i8 Esports (Pakistan)
  • S2G Esports (Turkey)
  • Mad Bulls (Serbia)
  • emTek StormX (South Korea)
  • LGD Gaming (China)
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Group Green

  • Bacon Time (Thailand)
  • Vampire Esports (Thailand)
  • Evos Reborn (Indonesia)
  • Yoodo Alliance (Malaysia)
  • INCO Gaming (Brazil)
  • A7 Esports (Brazil)
  • Knights (U.S.A)
  • POWR Esport (Saudi Arabia)
  • One Million Esports (Morocco)
  • GodLike Stalwart (Mongolia)
  • Skylightz Gaming (Nepal)
  • Fire Flux Esports (Turkey)
  • HHVP (Ex NAVI) (Russia)
  • Damwon Gaming (South Korea)
  • Nova Esports (China)
  • Donuts USG (Japan)

PMGC 2022 New Format

There are a lot of crazes all over the world related to this online recreation event of PUBG. The fits of the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 will be performed soon. For information, we desire to inform you that fifty-one groups from all over the world will take part in PMGC and the winners will be given a large quantity as a reward. Although PUBG sport is banned in India however Indian followers can watch its stay streaming.

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Here we will publish about which groups will take part in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship and how and the place human beings can watch it in India. The stay streaming of PMGC 2022 will begin every day as per the timetable and followers will be capable to pay attention to commentary in many languages. In India, you can watch this championship on PUBG Mobile Esports, Facebook, and YouTube channels.

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