Paper Rex and Gen.G Secure Victories in VCT Pacific Kickoff Semifinals

VCT Pacific Kickoff
24/02/2024 | Paper Rex and Gen.G secure victories in VCT Pacific Kickoff semifinals, advancing to the grand finals. T1 faces 3rd-4th place finish, while DRX bows out. | Credits: VCT Pacific YouTube

The VCT Pacific Kickoff playoffs have showcased an impressive exhibition of Valorant skills, as Paper Rex and Gen.G emerged victorious in the semifinals. Paper Rex displayed their resilience and strategic prowess in a thrilling showdown against T1, securing a convincing 2-0 win to move on to the grand finals. With the leadership of the talented Susanto brothers, f0rsakeN and xccurate, Paper Rex proved their adaptability and ability to conquer tough rivals, making history for the Pacific region by earning a spot in Masters Madrid.

Gen.G faced off against DRX in a heated showdown on the opposite side of the bracket, each team fighting for dominance in the virtual arena. Through a grueling series, Gen.G showcased incredible resilience and tactical prowess, ultimately triumphing over DRX with a decisive 2-0 win to advance to the grand finals. This victory not only secured Gen.G’s spot in the Masters but also established them as a formidable force in the world of Valorant esports.

Get ready for an electrifying clash at the Pacific Kickoff playoffs, where Paper Rex triumphed over T1 in a nail-biting showdown, while Gen.G secured a well-deserved victory against DRX. Brace yourself as we dive into the exhilarating matchups and explore the profound implications for both teams.

Paper Rex Triumphs Over T1 in Semifinals

The tension was palpable as Paper Rex and T1 faced off in a battle of skill and strategy. Led by the Susanto brothers, Paper Rex showcased precision and finesse, while T1 proved to be a formidable opponent with their seasoned players. The rounds unfolded with both teams trading blows and making strategic plays. In the end, Paper Rex emerged victorious, showcasing their teamwork and resilience. This legendary showdown in esports highlighted the skill and determination of both teams.

Map 1: Split

The Split clash between Paper Rex and T1 was a true display of strategic brilliance and unwavering determination from both teams. Although T1 initially took control of the game, securing a commanding 8-4 lead in the first half, Paper Rex refused to surrender. With their unique lineup consisting of three Duelists, Paper Rex launched an unrelenting assault, with mindfreak, d4v41, and f0rsakeN delivering exceptional performances. The second half witnessed an extraordinary comeback from Paper Rex as they steadily narrowed the gap, ultimately pushing the match into overtime.

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In the nail-biting overtime clash that followed, both teams gave it their all to claim the throne. Yet, it was Paper Rex who emerged victorious, showcasing unwavering determination and making clutch plays to secure a vital triumph on Split. This win not only highlighted Paper Rex’s resilience in the face of challenges but also set the stage for an electrifying showdown in the upcoming maps of the series.

Map 2: Bind

In a surprising twist, Paper Rex displayed their dominance on Bind, completely reversing the situation against T1. With f0rsakeN leading the charge, they secured an impressive 13-6 victory, cementing their spot in the grand finals of the Pacific Kickoff. This extraordinary win not only guaranteed their participation in the esteemed Masters Madrid but also left an indelible mark in the history of the VCT Pacific region.

Paper Rex showcased remarkable teamwork and strategic brilliance during the match, outplaying T1 with their calculated moves and flawless execution. f0rsakeN’s outstanding performance played a crucial role in steering Paper Rex towards success, showcasing unmatched skill and unwavering determination. Their impressive performance on Bind served as a strong statement to their rivals, solidifying their status as one of the top teams in the region. As they gear up for the grand finals, Paper Rex stays unwavering in their focus and determination to clinch victory, ready to leave a lasting impact on the global Valorant scene.

Gen.G Prevails Over DRX in Intense Battle

Gen.G and DRX clashed in an intense semifinal showdown on Split. Although DRX initially took the lead, Gen.G made a stunning comeback, securing a 14-12 victory in overtime. Their dominance carried over to Lotus, where they sealed a 13-8 win in the second half. This triumph not only propelled Gen.G to the grand finals but also marked their debut in the prestigious Masters tournament.

Map 1: Split

In a thrilling semifinal clash, Gen.G and DRX went head-to-head in a nail-biting battle for dominance. Right from the start, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as the two teams clashed on DRX’s chosen battlefield, Split. Both sides exhibited flawless skill and tactics, exchanging blows in an intense and fiercely fought match. Despite DRX initially taking the lead, Gen.G showed no signs of surrender, launching an unyielding assault to shift the momentum in their favor. With everything on the line, Gen.G demonstrated incredible resilience and determination, pushing the game into overtime with their exceptional teamwork and individual performances.

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When the pressure was at its highest, Gen.G showed their determination by not backing down in their quest for victory. Through smart plays and tactical moves, they were able to outsmart DRX and clinch a tough 14-12 win on Split. This victory not only advanced Gen.G to the tournament’s grand finals but also represented a major achievement in their path, securing a place in the esteemed Masters event.

Map 2: Lotus

In the map of Lotus, Gen.G mesmerized everyone with their extraordinary skills, effortlessly extending their winning streak and taking control of the game right from the start. With an impressive 9-3 lead in the first half, Gen.G showcased their exceptional teamwork and strategic brilliance, leaving DRX desperately searching for a way to turn the tide. Despite DRX’s valiant efforts to stage a comeback in the second half, Gen.G remained composed and flawlessly executed their game plan. Their unwavering calmness under pressure proved to be the key as they thwarted DRX’s every attempt and emerged victorious with a resounding 13-8 triumph on the mystical grounds of Lotus.

With an emphatic victory, Gen.G not only secured their spot in the grand finals of the Pacific Kickoff tournament but also achieved a remarkable milestone in their competitive journey. By triumphing in the semifinals, they earned their coveted ticket to the prestigious Masters tournament, cementing their position as one of the elite teams in the Valorant competitive scene. As they gear up to take on Paper Rex in the grand finals, Gen.G will undoubtedly ride the wave of their outstanding performance, determined to claim victory and leave an indelible mark on Valorant history.

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VCT Pacific Kickoff Next Stage

Paper Rex and Gen.G have further cemented their status as frontrunners in the Pacific Kickoff tournament after their outstanding wins in the semifinals. Paper Rex’s remarkable feat of clinching yet another international LAN spot showcases their supremacy in the region, while Gen.G’s victory signifies a major step forward in their quest toward Masters.

With the grand finals on the horizon, Paper Rex is gearing up to take on the victors of Gen.G vs. DRX. Their unwavering determination to secure the title and solidify their position in the Valorant competitive scene is palpable. On the other hand, T1 and DRX find themselves in a position to regroup and contemplate their performances, settling for 3rd-4th place and elimination, respectively.

The Pacific Kickoff playoffs are heating up with exciting matchups and fierce competition, paving the way for an epic grand finals clash between Paper Rex and Gen.G. Keep an eye out for further updates and highlights as the tournament nears its thrilling finale.


To sum it up, the VCT Pacific Kickoff playoffs have been a true spectacle, revealing the extraordinary talent and fierce determination present in the Valorant scene. Paper Rex and Gen.G have truly shined in the semifinals, standing out as exceptional teams. Their triumphs not only showcase their remarkable skills and tactical brilliance but also highlight the rising influence of the Pacific region in the global Valorant circuit. With Paper Rex aiming for the grand finals and Gen.G gearing up for their debut in the Masters, we are in for an electrifying showdown that will undoubtedly captivate fans across the globe.

Get ready for an epic showdown as the Pacific Kickoff approaches its peak, building up excitement for the ultimate face-off between Paper Rex and Gen.G. With both teams ready to showcase their skills and determination, Valorant fans are in for an intense and unforgettable match that will shape the competitive scene. Keep a close watch on the grand finals, where Paper Rex and Gen.G will go head-to-head for victory and the opportunity to make their mark in Valorant history.

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