Palworld: Upcoming Update Promises Cut Content Revival and Exciting New Features

15/02/2024 | Discover Palworld’s rise, missing features, and future prospects. Exciting updates ahead for gamers worldwide.| Credits: Palworld

Palworld‘s incredible rise to stardom has exceeded all expectations, captivating a staggering 19 million players on both Xbox and Steam. Its launch on Xbox Game Pass was a monumental achievement, making it the platform’s most successful third-party debut to date. However, along with triumph came obstacles, particularly for cloud gaming users who endured frustratingly long wait times of over 40 minutes just to join servers.

In a proactive effort to tackle this surge in demand, Xbox has announced an exciting strategic partnership with PocketPair to enhance and expand Palworld’s offerings. As the game prepares for expansion, speculation runs wild about the potential reintroduction of several features that were initially cut. Whispers in the gaming community suggest the return of captivating elements showcased in Palworld’s original trailer, including the thrilling sight of rideable carts pulled by Direhowls, an advanced Pengullet building system, and even the delightful ability to give belly rubs to these majestic creatures.

This resurgence of previously cut content hints at an exhilarating evolution for Palworld, promising to elevate the gaming experience for its dedicated community. Get ready for a whole new level of adventure and excitement!

Unveiling the Missing Elements of Palworld

Palworld enthusiasts were recently enlightened by Reddit user Unhappy_Panic_1875, who brought attention to a fascinating discovery regarding the game’s development. It appears that numerous captivating features showcased in the initial trailer are noticeably absent from the current version of the game. This revelation has ignited curiosity among players, as approximately 20 distinct features, items, and abilities depicted in the trailer have failed to materialize in the released build.

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Among the notable omissions are the absence of a rideable cart pulled by Direhowls, the intriguing advanced Pengullet building system, and the promise of more intricate house architecture. Players were also left yearning for the ability to shave Lambals for wool, indulge in giving belly rubs to Direhowls, and utilize a transportation cage for Pals. Even more significant gameplay elements like village destruction, the enigmatic character Jormuntide’s trainer, and sniper rifles equipped with scopes are nowhere to be found.

This absence of features can be attributed to the game’s transition from Unity to Unreal Engine 5. While this transition aimed to optimize performance and enhance the overall gaming experience, it inevitably resulted in certain features being temporarily set aside or reimagined to align with the capabilities of the new engine. Additionally, some of the omitted features may have been purely conceptual or intended solely for generating excitement through the trailer, with no concrete plans for implementation in the final release.

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Despite these missing elements, the Palworld community remains optimistic about their potential reintroduction in future updates. The shift to Unreal Engine 5 opens up opportunities for innovation and expansion, fueling anticipation for the game’s ongoing evolution and the introduction of new and thrilling features.

Palworld’s Future: Resurrecting Cut Content and Beyond

Despite the absence of several highly anticipated features in the current version of Palworld, players are still holding onto hope for their eventual return in upcoming updates. With the support of Xbox, PocketPair is expected to expand the game, raising optimism that some of the cut content will be reintroduced. This potential revival not only promises to add variety to the gameplay but also showcases the developers’ dedication to meeting player expectations and providing an immersive experience.

As the community eagerly awaits news of future updates, speculation is running wild about which cut content will make a comeback and how it will enhance the Palworld universe. The possibility of new features is sparking excitement among players, fueling their anticipation for the game’s ongoing evolution and the potential for even more captivating gameplay experiences.


Palworld’s meteoric rise to fame, captivating over 19 million players on Xbox and Steam, stands as a remarkable achievement. Its debut on Xbox Game Pass, surpassing all other third-party launches, solidified its success. However, challenges emerged for cloud gaming enthusiasts who faced frustratingly long wait times to join servers. In response, Xbox made a strategic move by partnering with PocketPair to expand Palworld’s offerings.

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The game’s evolution has ignited speculation about the reintroduction of initially discarded features, such as rideable carts pulled by Direhowls and an advanced Pengullet building system. This resurrection of cut content hints at an exhilarating future for Palworld, promising to elevate the gaming experience for its devoted community.

A Reddit user, Unhappy_Panic_1875, drew attention to the absence of several features showcased in the game’s initial trailer, sparking curiosity among players. The transition from Unity to Unreal Engine 5 played a role in temporarily shelving some features to align with the capabilities of the new engine.

Despite these missing elements, optimism prevails as players eagerly anticipate their eventual return in future updates. The collaboration between Xbox and PocketPair demonstrates a commitment to enhancing Palworld’s gameplay and meeting player expectations. The potential reintroduction of cut content promises to infuse new life into the game, ensuring the community remains engaged in its ongoing evolution.