NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 2: Team Revenant occupies top spot once again!

The NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 2 just concluded with Revenant Gaming holding their throne!

NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 2
NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 2 (image via. Nodwin Gaming)

The Nodwin BGMI Pro Scrims have started off yesterday, with Revenant Esports taking the lead right from the first day. Revenant Esports have dominated the second day as well, leading the charts once again!

Nodwin Gaming has organized the BGMI Pro Scrims right after the unban, and it comes right after the Launch party ended. The event features a lucrative prize pool of INR 8,00,000 and will be ongoing for a total of 4 days. The combined points at the end of each day will be calculated in order to declare the winner of the series. Day 2 was just as exciting as the 1st, and featured a series of 4 matches in which the teams competed.

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NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 2: Who is leading the chart?


The Day 2 match schedule was as follows:

  • Match 1 – A vs D – Erangel – 2x Placement Points
  • Match 2 – A vs D – Miramar – 2x Finish Points
  • Match 3 – B vs C – Erangel – 2x Placement Points
  • Match 4 – B vs C – Miramar – 2x Finish Points

The group divisions are the same as last day, but the scoreboard has changed a lot expect one name. Revenant Esports managed to leave the biggest mark on two consecutive days, having the highest score on Day 2. Revenant Esports scored a total 28 points, earning the sweet Chicken dinner once again. Following them is Team Celtz and OP Esports, tying with a total of 20 points. The 3rd place is occupied by team Tamilas with 15 points.

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NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 2
NODWIN BGMI Pro Scrims Day 2: Post 8 matches (image via. NODWIN Gaming)

However, the total scoreboard for now looks a bit different. Team Revenant Esports still holds the first place with 65 points under their belt. The second and third places are Rivalry Esports and VST respectively.

The 3rd Day will be streamed on NODWIN Gaming’s official YouTube channel so be sure to check it out.

You can find the shocking results of Day 3 HERE!

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