NIT Hamirpur to Organize its Annual Tech Fest NIMBUS from April 9

From a plethora of ever-growing, ever-emerging technologies, ideas, visions, domains NIMBUS arises as a seed of transformation. Check more details below.



NIT Hamirpur has set its name among the top college fests in the nation, always offering new and exciting ventures for the students to embark on while displaying all the latest advancements in the technical fields. NIT Hamirpur is conducting the annual, national level technical fest, NIMBUS, one of North India’s most distinguished and most anticipated events of the year, virtually from April 9th to April 11th.

Despite the pandemic and current circumstances, the institute decided to transit the entire fest virtually to ensure the students’ safety. The endeavor comes with a considerable number of challenges, but these challenges provide the students with an opportunity to rise, grow and innovate at a broader horizon.

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The fest gives a platform to young engineers to convert theoretical knowledge to practical innovations. Provide a chance to be something more, to get involved, to get down and build their dreams, to see their envisioned projects become true.

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It is a podium for engineering innovations and basic ideas to echo. It has always been a refreshing and ruthless event, providing the folks with a wholly disparate atmosphere to explore their innumerable sides. This very fact inspires the theme of this year’s NIMBUS 2021 SCOPUS: INTEGRATING THE DIVERGENT.

From a plethora of ever-growing, ever-emerging technologies, ideas, visions, domains, NIMBUS arises as a seed of transformation. A single platform that welcomes diversity with warmth and weaves these distinct visions as a single thread.

With a plethora of events to cater to students of varied backgrounds and disciplines on the various categories of technical, design, recreation, and management, provide the students with an apt atmosphere to gain more knowledge and compete with the best from all over the nation.

The days April 9th to April 11th will comprise a gamut of events, guest lectures, workshops, and exhibitions that provide students with a myriad of opportunities to enlighten their bright, curious minds. It will give the students a platform to share and develop their ideas on a national and international level.

With several prominent personalities from various disciplines on board to deliver eloquent lectures and workshops, are one of the most coveted features of the fest. Different departmental teams of the engineering college display their projects and compete against each other for the winning titles.


It’s the individuality of each student that makes Nimbus the finest of all. A memorable experience is put together with an array of enchanting events ranging from Tech-savvy bouts to sit-back-and-relax entertainment shows. However, commendable efforts by all the students turn into a breathtaking technical extravaganza.

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NIMBUS will lay the future foundations as the sharpest minds will join hands to showcase their finest technical finesses. Firm on its pillars of innovation, creativity, and teamwork, NIMBUS has been a gauge of technological eminence.

The fest gives India’s widely enthusiastic youth populace a platform to think, innovate, and showcase their talents and mind-boggling innovations. They give them the required knowledge to use and harness the technology available to them for a more significant social cause.

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