New BGMI Nusa Map: All new features discussed

The BGMI Nusa Map is the latest addition to the game, and here are all the details about it.

BGMI Nusa Map
BGMI Nusa Map (image via. PUBG)

BGMI’s revival has also brought new features and updates with the game. The 10-month old ban had deprived Indian fans of the global updates that PUBG fans were getting. However, with the release, players can now access the game in the 2.5 version, which brings along a new map, new weapons, new attachments and much more.

We will be focusing on the new map in this post, discussing all the nooks and crannies. The map was released along with the official launch of BGMI, and is the first tropical themed map in the game. Here are all the details about it.

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BGMI Nusa Map: Size, Weapons, and new features

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As the first tropical Map in BGMI, players can immediately appreciate the ocean/beach vibe this map presents. The map is small but beautiful, with abundant islands, beaches, and palm trees, making it look like a tropical paradise.

It is the smallest map in the game with a dimension of only 1×1 kilometers. You can traverse the whole map in 3 minutes barefoot! This makes it even smaller than Livik, which was the smallest map till now. This means that players will have to get used to faster combat as the matches generally last for 10-12 minutes max.

A new and awesome feature is the Recall. Squad mates can recall a downed teammate to battle once again. This is a completely new feature, and might be applied to all the maps of BGMI in the future.

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But the most talked about, are the new weapons and features of the map. The map has two unique exclusive weapons – the tactical crossbow and NS2000. There are also two mobility features. These are elevators and ziplines, which will make traversing much faster. A new vehicle has also been introduced, with the two-seater off-road ATV being a speedy and stable means of travel.

For now, these are all the new features in BGMI Nusa Map. However, new features can be introduced later, so keep an eye out for that.

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