MOUZ takes the ESL Pro League Season 18 title with a dominant 3-0 victory over NAVI

ESL Pro League
12/10/2023 | MOUZ secures a dominant 3-0 victory over NAVI in ESL Pro League Season 18, making history in Counter-Strike. NAVI opens doors for aspiring CS: GO stars. | Credits: ESL

The competitive CS: GO LAN scene came to an exciting end last night with MOUZ’s victory in the ESL Pro League Season 18 grand final. Their stunning 3-0 victory over NAVI left no doubt about their dominance and cemented their place in Counter-Strike history.

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Inferno: ESL Pro League Season 18

The clash began on Inferno, and MOUZ wasted no time in asserting their dominance. Leading 9-6 in the first half, they eventually secured a 16-10 victory. While the score may suggest a relatively even match, it does not do justice to MOUZ’s exceptional performance. Their play exuded confidence, a remarkable achievement considering the youthfulness of the team, whose average age is just 20. It is worth noting that all but the frozen have come through the MOUZ NXT academy system.

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Inferno witnessed a world-class display from Siuha, the game’s leader, who made a staggering 24 kills. His outstanding performance underlined that his previous achievements with GamerLegion were no fluke and indicated his potential to become the next great IGL in Counter-Strike 2. On the other hand, NAVI, who had not previously missed a single map in ESL Pro League Season 18, struggled. The star players disappointed, with the most disappointing performance being that of b1t, who at one point found themselves at a daunting 0-9 in the Grand Final.

Overpass: ESL Pro League Season 18

The action then shifted to Overpass, where NAVI briefly showed promise with the score tied 4-4. Momentum seemed to be on their side and they faced an eco round by MOUZ. But siuhy had other plans, delivering an amazing Deagle play, eliminating four NAVI players with headshots and securing the round. From that point on, Overpass was dominated by MOUZ, who built up an 11-4 lead and eventually closed out the map with a score of 16-9, leaving a clean sweep in reach.

Mirage: ESL Pro League Season 18

However, NAVI refused to capitulate easily in the ESL Pro League Season 18 Grand Final, and they took the match into overtime on Mirage, determined to salvage their chances. However, MOUZ had an ace up their sleeve in the form of Jimpphat, the 17-year-old revelation of the entire tournament. Jimpphat showed nerves of steel on the big stage, pulling off incredible clutch plays regardless of the situation. His invaluable contribution led MOUZ to a 19-15 victory on Mirage, sealing their 3-0 triumph in Malta.

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Jimpphat’s exceptional performance earned him the MVP award, which in this case was not just a consolation prize, but the icing on the cake of a flawless tournament for MOUZ. The clean victory was a testament to their skills and teamwork.Before the tournament, Torzsi of MOUZ expressed his goal for 2024: to lift the trophy with his team. MOUZ’s emphatic victory in ESL Pro League Season 18 shows that they are far ahead of schedule in achieving their aspirations. Counter-Strike 2 fans are eagerly waiting to see what this young, talented team will achieve in the future.

As the CS: GO LAN competition comes to a close, MOUZ’s victory in the ESL Pro League Season 18 championship match will be regarded as a pivotal event in the history of the game and the start of an exciting new era in Counter-Strike 2.

NAVI opens doors for aspiring CS: GO stars ahead of Counter-Strike 2 launch

On 29th September 2023, it became known that Ukrainian eSports powerhouse NAVI is embarking on a new journey to discover the next generation of Counter-Strike stars as it prepares for the release of Counter-Strike 2. NAVI has announced a dramatic shift away from its typical emphasis on Eastern Europe by inviting CS:GO players from all over the world to apply for slots on its redesigned youth academy squads.

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Criteria for aspiring candidates

The initiative is aptly named ‘ROAD TO NAVI’ and provides a comprehensive breakdown of the criteria that potential candidates must meet to join the prestigious NAVI academy project. Candidates must be between the ages of 16 and 19 and boast a minimum FACEIT ELO ranking of 4,000. Most importantly, they should not have any previous affiliations with other eSports organisations.

To truly showcase their potential, aspiring e-sports talents are required to submit a 30-to 60-second video detailing why they are the perfect fit for the NAVI. The organisation has also signalled that it prefers candidates with well-established player profiles on HLTV.org, as well as a strong presence and fan base on platforms such as Twitch, Instagram and YouTube. The initiative comes on the heels of NAVI’s strategic restructuring of its Counter-Strike division.

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