Conquer Clashiversary Challenge #3: Strategies for Victory in Clash of Clans

Clashiversary Challenge
16/08/2023 | As Clash of Clans enthusiasts celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the game. The Clashiversary Challenge #3 offers a thrilling opportunity to showcase skills and win rewards. | Credits: Supercell

The ongoing August 2023 season of Clash of Clans is celebrating the game’s eleventh anniversary with a special event called ‘Clash to the Future.’ As part of this event, the third challenge of the season, known as Clashiversary Challenge #3, is now live. This challenge features the Future Queen skin and presents players with a unique base layout that they must conquer to achieve a flawless three-star attack. With players eagerly taking on this fresh challenge, we’ve compiled effective strategies to help them secure a clear 3-star victory in Clashiversary Challenge #3.

Introduction to Clashiversary Challenge #3 in Clash of Clans The Clashiversary Challenge #3, designed by Yuta14. It is the ultimate challenge in Clash of Clans’ eleventh-anniversary celebration. This challenge incorporates a Town Hall 15 layout with a formidable defence system. Posing a true test for players. To succeed, players need to strategize their troop deployment carefully and aim for a perfect three-star victory to claim the ultimate rewards.

Rewards for Achieving 3 Stars in Clashiversary Challenge #3 Players who manage to secure a three-star victory in this challenge will be rewarded with 400 Experience Points (EXP), 25 Gems, and 1x Power Potion. These rewards serve as a motivating incentive for players to tackle the challenge and showcase their tactical prowess.

Effective Strategies

  1. Queen Charge: Initiate the challenge by sending the Queen towards the Town Hall. Mastering Queen’s charges is crucial for success in this challenge.
  2. Goblin Placement: Deploy a sneaky Goblin at each corner of the base to target storage buildings at the bottom.
  3. Luring Defense: Use a Giant to lure defence units, then place a Valkyrie between the bottom gold storages. Deploy a poison spell to eliminate enemy troops.
  4. Healer Support: Deploy the Queen, followed by five Healers and the Apprentice Warden. Use Rage and invisibility spells strategically to power up the Queen.
  5. Invisibility and Rage: Utilize the invisibility spell to keep the Queen and Healers protected. Employ the rage spell for increased damage output.
  6. Balloons and Spells: Release Balloons towards the top left and use skeleton spells to take down the single Inferno tower. Protect the Queen with spells.
  7. Strategic Freeze: Use freeze spells to protect the Queen and balloons when necessary. Prioritize the Queen’s safety throughout the challenge.
  8. Final Sections: Focus on ensuring the Queen’s survival while tackling the final sections of the base. Use freeze and invisibility spells effectively.
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By meticulously following these step-by-step strategies. Players can confidently aim for a three-star victory in Clashiversary Challenge #3. With a combination of strategic troop deployment, spell usage, and focus on protecting the Queen. Players can overcome the challenge and secure exciting rewards.

As Clash of Clans enthusiasts celebrate the eleventh anniversary of the game, the Clashiversary Challenge #3 offers a thrilling opportunity to showcase skills and win rewards. By mastering these strategies, players can navigate the intricate base layout, conquer the challenge, and emerge victorious in this special anniversary event.

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