Loba Apex Legends: How to Play, Abilities, and More

27/02/2024 | Unleash Loba’s full potential in Apex Legends with our comprehensive guide! Learn her abilities, upgrades, and strategies for victory. | Credits: Apex Legends

Loba, the Support Class Legend in Apex Legends, has become a fan favorite since her debut in Season 5. With her unique abilities focused on providing superior loot and unmatched mobility, she has solidified her position as a formidable force in the Apex Games. In the fast-paced world of Apex Legends, mastering her abilities is crucial for achieving victory on the battlefield. With the recent enhancements in the Season 20 update, players are now even more eager to optimize their strategies and dominate the competition with Loba by their side.

Loba Apex Legends Abilities

Loba’s kit offers a unique blend of utility and mobility, making her a valuable asset in any squad. Here’s a breakdown of her abilities:

  1. Eye for Quality (Passive):
    • Allows her to spot Epic and Legendary rarity loot through walls within a radius of 112.5 meters.
    • Provides valuable information to the team, facilitating efficient looting and resource management.
  2. Burglar’s Best Friend (Tactical):
    • Loba’s signature jump-drive bracelet enables her to teleport to a targeted location upon deployment.
    • Can be used mid-air and covers a maximum range of 71 meters when thrown from even ground.
    • Offers unparalleled mobility, allowing Loba to reposition swiftly and escape dangerous situations.
  3. Black Market Boutique (Ultimate):
    • Deploys a pillar-like structure that encapsulates all loot within a designated area.
    • Enables unlimited ammo retrieval and the option to select two items of any rarity, including attachments, health packs, and shields.
    • Facilitates strategic looting and resupplying, giving the team a competitive edge in resource management.
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Loba Apex Legends Upgrades

Following the Season 20 update, she gains access to powerful Legend Upgrade perks, enhancing her abilities even further. These upgrades include:

  • Level 2 Upgrades:
    • Market Expansion: Increases the range of Black Market Boutique by 25%.
    • Shopping Spree: Allows her to retrieve one additional item from Black Markets.
  • Level 3 Upgrades:
    • Tactical Upgrade: Reduces the cooldown of Burglar’s Best Friend by five seconds.
    • High Value: Expands the range and height of the tactical ability, enhancing its effectiveness in mobility.

How to Play as Loba

The choice of Legend Upgrades is influenced by the player’s personal playstyle and the dynamics of their team. If you prefer playing solo, you might lean towards a more self-centered strategy, selecting perks like Shopping Spree and High Value. On the other hand, if you enjoy playing as part of a team, you can focus on perks that boost your team’s overall utility and support abilities.

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To maximize her effectiveness on the battlefield, players should adhere to strategic gameplay and utilization of her abilities:

  1. Strategic Looting with Eye for Quality:
    • Utilize Loba’s passive ability to identify areas with high-tier loot, guiding the team’s landing spots for optimal resource acquisition.
  2. Agile Maneuvering with Burglar’s Best Friend:
    • Leverage Loba’s teleportation ability to navigate through the map swiftly and access hard-to-reach locations.
    • Use creative positioning and off angles to outmaneuver opponents and gain tactical advantages in engagements.
  3. Resource Management with Black Market Boutique:
    • Deploy the Black Market Boutique strategically to resupply ammunition and secure essential items for the team.
    • Prioritize looting efficiency to minimize downtime and maintain focus on engaging enemy squads and securing victory.


Mastering Loba’s skills in Apex Legends is essential for boosting your performance and unlocking your team’s full potential in combat. Her exceptional utility, mobility, and tactical benefits provide a distinctive and adaptable approach to gameplay that can change the course of any battle. By skillfully using her Eye for Quality, Burglar’s Best Friend, and Black Market Boutique, gamers can improve looting speed, move swiftly, and acquire crucial supplies for their squad, ultimately paving the way to triumph in the Apex Games.

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With the ever-evolving meta and the constant emergence of new challenges, it is crucial to adapt and refine your skills with her to stay competitive in the dynamic world of Apex Legends. By mastering her unique abilities, comprehending her upgrades, and employing strategic gameplay tactics, players can unleash her complete potential and establish themselves as formidable opponents on the battlefield. So, whether you prefer to go solo or thrive as part of a team, embrace the power of Loba and conquer the Apex Games like never before.

Becoming proficient in her skills in Apex Legends is crucial for optimizing team effectiveness and securing an advantage in combat. With a mix of supportive powers and agility, Loba brings unmatched adaptability to the battlefield. By mastering her skills, utilizing Legend Upgrades, and employing tactical strategies, gamers can unlock Loba’s complete power and guide their team to triumph in the Apex Games.

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