Introducing Nahida: Genshin Impact’s First Dendro Catalyst User

28/10/2023 | Discover the best Genshin Impact Nahida build – explore her Dendro abilities and optimize her potential with weapons and artefacts. | Credits: Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Nahida, the first Dendro catalyst user, and she’s here with a bang. Nahida’s introduction has stirred up the game’s meta, providing players with an intriguing and unique character to experiment with. While most Archons in the game often take on the role of the main DPS, Nahida’s strength lies in being a sub-DPS or support character. Her kit revolves around powerful Dendro reactions that can change the tide of battle.

Nahida in the 3.6 Release Date Update

Nahida graces the Genshin Impact banner in the 3.6 release date update, showcasing her Dendro prowess. Her arrival brings a fresh breeze of excitement to the game. In case you’ve missed out on the recent happenings in the world of Genshin Impact, you might be curious to know why Nahida is generating so much buzz. Check out our Genshin Impact tier list to get a glimpse of what makes Nahida a standout character. Additionally, learn more about the weapon and artefacts that can unlock Nahida’s true potential.

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Building the Best Nahida: Sub-DPS Build

Nahida’s elemental skill is the focal point of her abilities. With this skill, she conjures karmic bonds of wood and tree, unleashing AoE Dendro damage and marking up to eight enemies with a seed. The Seed of Skandha links these marked opponents, and here’s where the magic happens. Any elemental damage inflicted on these enemies triggers a cascade of effects. They start taking damage from Dendro Cores, and Nahida inflicts Dendro damage based on her attack and elemental mastery.

Weapon: A Thousand Floating Dreams

This five-star catalyst is Nahida’s weapon of choice. It boasts the highest elemental mastery among all catalysts in the game, making it the perfect match for her. A Thousand Floating Dreams offers party members elemental buffs based on their elemental type. Notably, it enhances the elemental mastery of the equipped character’s element.

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While A Thousand Floating Dreams is the preferred choice, it may not be accessible to all players. In that case, the four-star Sacrificial Fragments is a decent alternative. It provides a considerable boost to elemental mastery and is tailored to Nahida’s elemental skill, granting it a 40% chance to reset its own cooldown.

Artefacts: Gilded Dreams (Four-Piece Set)

In order to maximize Nahida’s potential, equipping her with the four-piece Gilded Dreams artefact set is essential. Nahida thrives in a team that creates elemental reactions, thanks to her elemental burst. This set boosts the entire team’s elemental mastery, making it an excellent choice for Nahida.

With Nahida in your party, her elemental burst creates a Shrine of Maya, a field ability that strengthens Pyro, Electro, and Hydro elements. This not only benefits Nahida’s elemental skill but also reduces the cooldown of Tri-Karma Purification and increases damage output in certain scenarios.

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Unlock Nahida’s Power in Genshin Impact

Nahida’s arrival in Genshin Impact has added a unique dimension to the game. Her role as a sub-DPS or support character has made her a valuable addition to many players’ rosters. When properly equipped with the A Thousand Floating Dreams catalyst and the Gilded Dreams artefact set, Nahida can shine as a pivotal figure in a team that excels in elemental reactions. As the game continues to evolve, Nahida’s presence is sure to leave a lasting impact.

Additionally, the current banner also features other compelling characters, such as Layla, Kuki Shinobu, and Dori, making it an enticing opportunity for players to bolster their character lineup. Before the banner expires, don’t forget to explore the latest Genshin Impact codes to collect as many Primogems as possible.

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