Indian League of Legends Set to Shine at Asian Games 2023

Asian Games 2023
11/08/2023 | Indian League of Legends team is gearing up for the challenge, led by captain Akshaj Shenoy (Kai). | Credits: Olympics

Esports is set to shine as a medal sport in the upcoming Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou, China. After its debut as a demonstration sport in Jakarta in 2018. This historic moment for esports will feature seven gaming titles. Including popular games like League of Legends, FIFA Online 4, PUBG Mobile, and more.

Indian esports enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to, as the country will participate in four of these events: Dota 2, FIFA Online 4, League of Legends, and Street Fighter V: Champion Edition.

League of Legends, a widely acclaimed 5vs5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, will take centre stage. Featuring 19 top teams from the continent competing for medals. The matches leading up to the finals will follow a best-of-three format. While the gold and bronze medal matches will be decided through a best-of-five format.

Indian League of Legends Team

The Indian League of Legends team is gearing up for the challenge, led by captain Akshaj Shenoy (Kai). Other team members include Samarth Arvind Trivedi (CrankO), Mihir Ranjan (Lotus), Sanindhya Malik (Deadcorp), Aakash Shandilya (Infi), and Aditya Selvaraj (Krow).

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These six talented gamers earned their spot in the Asian Games 2023 by winning the National Esports Championships (NESC) organized by the Esports Federation of India (ESFI). Their exceptional skills also shone in the League of Legends seeding event for South Asian countries in Macau. Securing a favourable seeding for Team India in the main event.

What makes this achievement even more remarkable is that the Indian League of Legends team has succeeded despite the absence of official LoL servers in the country. Their dedication and perseverance have earned them a chance to compete on the international stage.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout players representing India in League of Legends:

Akshaj Shenoy aka Kai (Captain)

Akshaj Shenoy, known as Kai, is a strategic and skilled player who captains the Indian League of Legends team. He leads the team with his exceptional gameplay and decision-making abilities. Apart from his gaming prowess, Kai is an academic achiever and aspires to pursue an MBA in HR management.

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Aditya Selvaraj aka Krow

Aditya Selvaraj, also known as Krow, has transformed his gaming hobby into a passion. With a decade of experience using his in-game name Krow, he excels as a flexible player in League of Legends. Aditya’s skills extend beyond the virtual arena; he has also mentored players internationally.

Aakash Shandilya aka Infi

Aakash Shandilya, or Infi, is a rising star in the Indian League of Legends community. With a Master’s rank in both League of Legends and Valorant, he showcases versatility across different games. Aakash’s gaming journey has taught him essential skills like teamwork and communication.

Mihir Ranjan aka Lotus

Mihir Ranjan, known as Lotus, stands out as the only South Asian player to reach the Grandmaster tier as an Attack Damage Carry (ADC) in League of Legends. With a history of triumphs in various tournaments, Lotus has made his mark both individually and as part of a team.

Sanindhya Malik aka Deadcorp

Sanindhya Malik, also known as Deadcorp, is the highest-ranked South Asian player in League of Legends. With an impressive list of achievements, he brings valuable experience to the team. Outside the gaming world, Sanindhya leads a balanced life.

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Samarth Trivedi aka CrankO

Samarth Trivedi, nicknamed CrankO, is a seasoned player and a vital support player for the Indian League of Legends team. His ability to synergize with the team and provide strategic guidance has contributed to his success. Samarth’s achievements span various international championships.

These players, driven by their passion and dedication, are set to represent India with pride and determination in the Asian Games 2023’s esports category. As esports takes its well-deserved place on the global stage, these Indian gamers are ready to showcase their skills and compete for victory.

The esports competitions at the Asian Games 2023 will not only be a thrilling spectacle but also a testament to the growth and recognition of esports as a legitimate and competitive sport. The Indian League of Legends team’s journey is an inspiring example of how dedication and talent can overcome challenges and pave the way for success.

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