How to win at Diep.io?

Diep.io is a simple game to start but complex to master with its small quirks.

Diep.io (image via. memu.com)

Diep.io is another great browser game which requires next to nothing to play, other than a good internet connection. This is a take on a run and gun shooter with multiplayer aspects bundled into it.

The Shooter genre has had many entries, but Diep.io is the simplest version. You control a vehicle and you need to rack up points by either killing the fodder or other players. getting the highest score means the top spot in the leaderboards. The game is fun, and newer players will find the controls relatively simple. But if you want to get really good, here are some tips to win at Diep.io.

Tips and Tricks for Diep.io

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Diep.io is a classic shooter where players are spawned into a large map, where they can find debris and other players. Shooting and defeating enemies and debris give players points that help in evolving their own character. Evolution causes major upgrades to your character with more guns and even a strong protective defense.

When you spawn into the game, you are very vulnerable. Your character is small and weak and only has one slow-firing gun. To survive the longest, you must focus on survival first. Try to avoid going in the middle of the map, as this can lead you to meet stronger players who will try to kill you. Stay on the sides and try to destroy as much debris as you can to evolve your character.

A lesser known fact is that you can use your body to destroy objects faster. Bullets will take longer to break the debris, so in sticky situations or to get bigger faster, you can use your body to break objects. However, this will cause you to lose health. You will have health regen over time so you need to wait when you get to low health.

When you get stronger in Diep.io enough you should try to find opponents weaker than you and defeat them to get a lot of points. However, you should only try this when you are confident in your control and strategy.

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