How to Play the Latest PUBG Mobile Lite Version on Android Devices

 PUBG Mobile Lite Version on Android Devices
19/12/2022/ PUBG Mobile Lite Version on Android Devices / Credits – PUBG Mobile lite

The fact that PUBG Mobile Lite offers reduced device requirements and an engaging gaming experience that is on par with the full edition has helped it stand out in the fiercely competitive mobile battle royale market. To be playable on entry-level devices, the game makes several sacrifices, such as having a smaller map and a restricted lobby.

You may download the battle royale game directly from the Google Play Store or by utilising the APK file found on the official website. This article offers a thorough tutorial for downloading the game.

Guide to downloading and installing PUBG Mobile Lite latest version

The APK for PUBG Mobile Lite is frequently sideloaded onto gamers’ smartphones. To obtain the battle royale title, you can adhere to the directions listed below.

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Step 1: Open up any web browser and go to the game’s official website. Visit the PUBG Mobile Lite website by clicking this link.

Step 2: To download the 0.23.0 APK file, select the “APK Download” option.

This APK download is 946 MB in size. As a result, your smartphone ought to have enough storage space to finish the installation and download the update.

Step 3: Access your device’s settings when the download is finished and turn on the “Install from Unknown Source” option. In the event that this has already been enabled, move on to the next step.

Step 4: Use your downloads to find and install the APK you just downloaded.

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Step 5: Launch PUBG Mobile Lite when the installation is complete. On the screen, an update dialogue box will appear.

Step 6: To acquire the most recent version, click Update. It is advised to download this in-game patch via Wi-Fi because of its size of 226.16 MB. When you click the cancel button, the game will end instantly.

Step 7: To access the battle royale title, log in to your account or make a new one. If an error message appears during the installation process, try downloading the APK again and then following the previous instructions.

You may use the below-listed procedures to get the game from the Google Play Store

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Step 1: On your smartphone, go to the game’s page on the Google Play Store. As an alternative, you may use this link to get straight to that page.

Step 2: To obtain the battle royale title, click the Install option on the right side.

Step 3: Open PUBG Mobile Lite when the installation is complete and download the required update.
You need to download an additional patch even if you purchase the game through the Google Play Store in order to access your account and play the most recent version.