How to Play Hole.io and Ace the Scoreboard?

Hole.io is a competitive multiplayer online game where your goal is to be the biggest hole!

Hole.io (image via. crazygames.com)

Hole.io is another very popular web browser game that challenges player to get the highest scores. A very competitive game; players need to consume objects inside a sandbox arena to get bigger and bigger and score more points.

Hole.io is also a game where the main objective is to get the highest score in a limited time. This is with competing with other players who are looking to do the same. All players start off with a hole and the goal is to consume as much debris, structures, people, and vehicles as possible to get the highest points.

How to play Hole.io?

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Hole.io is a relatively simple game. A number of players start off inside a small sandbox zone where everything and anything is consumable. At the start, every hole is small and eating things make the holes bigger. Players need to start off with smaller objects like crates, people, small trees, flowers, etc., and then move on to bigger objects like cars and buildings or houses.

The optimal strategy to compete with other players is to start off very strong. You should not stop at any moment and move around to eat things that you can. The items get exhausted so players need to move on from area to area in order to find more objects to eat. After getting bigger, players should immediately start devouring bigger objects. Bigger objects accelerate the growth of your Hole.

If you want to play very aggressive and compete for the rankings, you should look forward to devouring other players. When you are the biggest hole you can chase down other players can get all their points and also add to your size. It is a great way to cut down competition and get that first place.

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