How to play Agar.io better?

Agar.io is a simple game but to climb the top spot you need to know certain tips.

Agar.io (image via. agar.io)

Agar.io is a multiplayer online game where you need to swallow other players in order to grow. Here are some tips to play Agar.io and how to make it to the leaderboards consistently.

Agar.io has remained popular due to its hassle free browser gaming experience. This means that along with the app, you can play this game directly from your browser. The online leaderboards are always active as there is still a great number of players competing for the top spot. The gameplay is relatively simple, but getting to the top ranks can be very difficult.

Agar.io Tips and Tricks

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Agar.io might remind you of Slither.io, in the way it works. In Agar.io you will control a small dot initially and the goal is to grow bigger. You can grow bigger by eating the small glowing orbs that generate on the play area. Growing bigger will also allow you to eat bigger orbs.

However, there will be other players competing for the top spot as well. You might find massive dots that are players who are dominating the leaderboards. When trying to get bigger, a confrontation is inevitable, and as such we give you some tips to survive for the longest time.

Play Safe Early

The early game will be your growing phase and you need to devour a lot of glowing orbs to gain size quickly. However, be aware that growing in size will only make you a target of other players. To survive the longest engage in fights only after you have grown bigger than them.

Try to Fight Back

When other players try to fight you do not give up one-sidedly even if they are bigger than you. You can hug the walls and try to outrun them or confuse them by suddenly moving in a separate direction. If you can outsmart your opponents you will have a much higher chance of survival.

Play Aggressively when Bigger

When you are bigger in Agar.io and have a lot of size try to find opponents who are slightly smaller than you and defeat them. This will allow you to grow really big really fast. You can also chase after opponents who have recently split apart into smaller parts in order to get them.

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