How to obtain the Valorant Magepunk 3.0 Player card?

Here is how to obtain the new Valorant Magepunk 3.0 Player card from the new set of cosmetics.

Valorant Magepunk 3.0 (image via.
Valorant Magepunk 3.0 (image via. ginxesports.tv)

The Magepunk 3.0 Bundle is now live in the game and will be staying available for a limited period of time. There are several cosmetics available under this bundle, but you might want to obtain the new player card as well. Here are the steps on how to obtain the Magepunk 3.0 player card from the in-game store.

The Magepunk bundle features some futuristic steampunk cosmetics that are some of the best in the game. The bundle is also very costly, because of its premium quality. The cosmetics have featured two popular assault rifles, which are very desirable for the players. Along with the weapon cosmetics, there are also player cards and a new gun buddy.

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Magepunk 3.0 Player Card: How to obtain it?

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The player card can be obtained separately form the bundle, as many players might not want to spend a lot on this bundle. The good news is, you can purchase the player card and the gun buddy separately.

Sadly, this bundle does not feature the spray, that is common with bundles. Here is how to obtain the card:

  • Open Valorant and go to the Store option in the Main Menu.
  • You can find the Magepunk 3.0 bundle located right on the front page of the Store.
  • Click on the Magepunk 3.0 banner, and scroll until you find the Player card option.
  • It will be named Magepunk 3.0 EP 6 player card.
  • It will cost around 375 Valorant Points (VP) to purchase the card. You can get the entire bundle for 7100 VP.
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The entire bundle will be staying in the game for two more weeks approximately and you can only obtain the skins during this time period. However, if you want to obtain the gun cosmetics in the Night market that will arrive in the game.

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