How to get the Red GrabPack Hand in Poppy Playtime?

To complete Poppy Playtime you need both the hands of the GrabPack and here is how to get the Red one.

Poppy Playtime
Poppy Playtime (image via. Steam)

Poppy Playtime is a horror indie game where your main goal is to escape the top making factory. However, you are not alone. In order to escape, you will get several tools and the GrabPack is possibly the most important. Here is how you can get the Red GrabPack Hand in Poppy Playtime.

The GrabPack is a tool that has two hands, which helps in interacting with objects that are far beyond the reach of your hands. This tool is helpful in grabbing, pulling, pushing, and even dropping objects, which will be useful in a variety of situations in the game. However, when the players initially get the tool, it comes attached with only the Blue Hand.

Red GrabPack in Poppy Playtime Puzzle

YouTube: Fttlog

The GrabPack needs two hands to perform at full capacity, and players need to complete a puzzle in order to get the second, Red Hand. Luckily you can obtain it before things get majorly spooky.

Once inside the factory with the GrabPack you will find yourself in the room with the mascot, Huggy Wuggy. Here you can find two doors. Players need to go to the left door and place the GrabPack’s Blue Hand over the blue mark on the door. However, this causes a malfunction to the power supply.

To get to the Power Supply Room, players need to collect the Key that Huggy Wuggy will be holding in his hand. You can open the electric room using this. After entering the room, simply use the blue hand to wrap a wire around two rods in the high voltage door.

Proceed down through the Blue Door and then to a door labeled 05. Enter it and find the metal staircase and proceed to the Fuse Panel. You will need to find the fuses in the lower section. After collecting and inserting all the fuses, you will find the Red Hand of GrabPack in Poppy Playtime.

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