How to get Diamonds, Emotes, Rewards in Free Fire Max

free fire diamond
09/12/2022/Players can collect Free Fire Max diamonds, emotes, rewards by using some methods/Credits: Eshwar Gaming YouTube.

Free Fire MAX now has the “Goodbye EP” and “Football Fable” campaigns running, however, Garena has added more standalone events. One of the most recent non-series events, Soul Top-Up still provides fans with thrilling rewards.

Players can get the Eternal Descent to emote and other benefits for nothing with this Soul Top-Up event. Read more about the event and its benefits in the following article. The sole requirement for this event is that players buy a certain number of diamonds in Free Fire MAX. The most recent top-up event for the game, Soul Top-Up, started on December 6, 2022, and is scheduled to last until December 11, 2022. 

Free Fire Max Diamonds

Spectral Guide Pet Skin (Usable only if users have the base pet in their vault) – Up for claim after a top-up of 300 diamonds. Eternal Descent emote – Up for claim after a top-up of 500 diamond. Soul Keeper Backpack – Up for claim after a top-up of 100 diamonds.

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As a result, one can buy diamonds in Garena’s Free Fire MAX using the in-game top-up feature or Games Kharido (India’s version of the Garena Top-Up Center). And receive these benefits for nothing. The qualifications for this event do not apply to diamonds acquired through membership plans, it should be mentioned.


To get the Eternal Descent to emote and other awards in Free Fire MAX, you can buy diamonds as follows:

Step 1: Open your device’s latest version (OB37) of the Garena Free Fire MAX application.

Step 2: To sign in to the game, choose your favorite option and click on the screen.

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Bind your account to a certain social media platform if you choose to access the game using the “Guest login” feature. You will be able to save your in-game progress online, so an update or uninstallation won’t result in the loss of any of your data, collections, purchases, diamonds, or other items.

In addition to saving your progress online, Free Fire and FF MAX will sync if your Player ID is linked to a platform.

Step 3: When you first start the game, click the diamond icon and hang around the “Top-Up” page.

Step 4: From the game’s available diamond bundles, select the one you want:

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Players who want to receive all three awards can choose the 520-diamond bundle since 500 diamonds are needed to participate in the event.

Step 5: To get the Soul Top-Up benefits, you must finish your transaction and switch to the Top-Up Event menu. Make sure to collect the event gifts, which will be delivered to your vault.

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