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How to get Better at GeoGuessr?

GeoGuessr is a difficult game but here are some simple tips to make your job a bit easier.

GeoGuessr (image via. bloomberg.com)

Strategy games have a special place in gaming history and GeoGuessr is a innovative and strange one. It uses the advanced real time satellite technology to present you with pictures of an area on Earth. This can be a small river, a locality, or even a isolated village. Players simply need to guess the location of the picture correctly in order to clear the rounds.

However, this task is far more difficult that it looks like at first glance. The picture can be very vague leading to major confusions and also cluelessness among the players. If you want to get good at GeoGuessr, here are some tips that might come in handy.

GeoGuessr Tips: How to accurately identify the Location?


GeoGuessr is a guessing game, but the best players seldom depend on their luck or guessing players. They depend on their knowledge to accurately assess the location. However, apart from experience they use some simple tricks to know the correct answer.

Here are some tips if you want to get good at GeoGuessr:

Looking out for Languages on Signboards or Boards

The easiest and most useful way of knowing a location is to associate it with a language. Language is very varied across the world, and knowing the exact language or simply identifying it can be a huge step forward to knowing the location. However, for widespread languages like English it might become a little tricky.

However, for many places you will find signboards, boards, or cards with a local or regional language. Identifying this will make your job a lot easier.

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Left and Right Driving Lanes

Another simple trick in GeoGuessr to narrow down your search is to figure out the driving lanes for the roads if your picture has any. Most countries in Asia drive on the right side of the road, excluding Japan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka, which have left lanes. Try to look up which countries drive on the left side, and which do on right side.

This is majorly helpful when you are trying to shortlist a place or a region initially. After having some initial assumptions you can try looking for languages and local architectural designs to narrow down your options.

Using the Compass

One of the tools that you get help from the game is the Compass. You can find the compass on your screen at the top. You can determine whether you are on the hemisphere using this. Once you locate the sun overhead, you can determine the location using the red pointer on the compass that always points to the North.

The Northern side of the equator will have the sun on the south, and vice verse. Determining this can make your job a lot easier in GeoGuessr.

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