How To Fix Valorant Error Connecting to The Platform?

Having trouble in launching Valorant? Here are some solutions to the error Valorant Error Connecting to The Platform.

Fix Valorant Error Connecting to The Platform
An Error in Valorant

Valorant Error Connecting to The Platform: Riot has recently rolled up one of the finest updates of the game. Moreover, some players are facing problems in logging in and launch the game. So, how to fix the Valorant error connecting to the platform?

The error is somewhere similar to Error Code 7 and Error code 40. Although, the issue is an old issue and it is there from the beta version of the game. The game notification says that Error Connecting to The Platform when players open the game.

Valorant Error Connecting to The Platform: Simple Methods to Fix The Issue

Fix Valorant Error Connecting to The Platform
Valorant new update

The error might irritate players as it pops up regularly sometimes. So, why is it? This is because of two reasons. First, sometimes it happens that the Valorant servers are down or Riot Vanguard is unable to connect to the game servers. Second, there might be some connectivity issue from the player’s end due to DNS or connectivity.

So, follow these simple methods to fix the Valorant error connecting to the platform:

  1. Restart Riot Vanguard and Valorant
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First, you should try a simple trick which is restarting the Riot Vanguard and the Game.

  • Open Task Manager.
  • Search for Riot Vanguard and other processes starting with โ€œRiotโ€
  • Right-click on all of the Riot processes and click โ€œEnd Processโ€
  • Start Valorant.

Also, if this doesn’t fix the error then reinstall the riot vanguard by installing it. Uninstall the Vanguard and open Valorant, it will automatically install the Vanguard.

2. Try to Change Your DNS

Your network might be one of the reasons to cause ‘Valorant error connecting to the platform’. You should log in to your router in order to change the DNS settings.

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3. Restart Your Computer

Make sure to restart your PC if all of the above solutions don’t fix the issue. Sometimes, it might be a problem to connect the server to your computer. Also, try to leave it for 30 mins if anything doesn’t work as there might be any server issues.

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