How to Find and Use a Fortnite Cardboard Box from Metal Gear Solid Collaboration

Cardboard Box
24/01/2024 | Explore the stealthy world of Fortnite with the Metal Gear Solid collaboration, featuring Solid Snake and the iconic Cardboard Box. Uncover challenges and strategies! | Credits: Fortnite

Fortnite welcomes iconic character Solid Snake along with the legendary Cardboard Box from Metal Gear Solid. Explore the challenges and strategies involved in unlocking and utilizing this stealthy accessory. In a surprising collaboration, Fortnite has introduced Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid along with a unique addition to the game – the Cardboard Box. Known for its significance in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the Cardboard Box serves as more than just a cosmetic item in Fortnite, adding an interesting layer of stealth gameplay.

The Fortnite Cardboard Box: An Overview

As part of the Metal Gear Solid collaboration, the Cardboard Box becomes a central element in Solid Snake’s challenges. To unlock this item, players must complete a set of five challenges associated with the legendary soldier. The Cardboard Box is not merely a cosmetic addition but a Mythic item, making it a rare find in the game.

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Finding and Using the Cardboard Box

Challenge 1: Hiding in the Box

The primary challenge tied to the Cardboard Box requires players to hide inside it for a duration of 10 seconds. While seemingly straightforward, finding the Cardboard Box can be a bit challenging. The item, illustrated similarly to its appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2, can be found as ground loot or inside chests across the Fortnite map.

Once acquired, players can equip the CardboardBox and throw it. After throwing, they can enter the box, turning it into a functional hiding spot. To complete the challenge, players need to stay motionless inside the box for the required 10 seconds. The box serves as a tactical element, allowing players to surprise opponents or create strategic hiding spots.

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Challenge 2: Using Hiding Spots

In addition to the Cardboard Box challenge, there’s another task related to hiding spots that further utilizes this iconic item. Players aiming to unlock the Old Snake skin must use a hiding spot in different matches. Fortunately, the CardboardBox counts as one of these hiding spots, making it a versatile tool for completing challenges.

Strategies for Maximum Impact

1. Surprise Ambushes

The Cardboard Box is not just a tool for completing challenges; it can be a game-changer in combat. Players can use the box to conceal their presence, setting up surprise ambushes on unsuspecting opponents. The element of surprise can turn the tide in intense Fortnite battles.

2. Tactical Retreats

In situations where discretion is the better part of valor, the CardboardBox offers a tactical retreat option. Players can throw the box to create a diversion or hide temporarily, allowing them to reassess the situation and plan their next move.

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3. Completing Multiple Challenges

As the Box counts towards challenges for both Solid Snake and Old Snake skins, players can efficiently multitask. Utilizing the box in various matches not only aids in completing challenges but also adds a dynamic layer to the gameplay.


Fortnite’s collaboration with Metal Gear Solid brings not only the legendary Solid Snake but also the quirky yet functional Cardboard Box. Beyond being a mere cosmetic item, the Box adds an exciting element of stealth and strategy to the game. Whether used for completing challenges or executing surprise maneuvers, this iconic item has quickly become a fan-favorite addition to Fortnite’s ever-evolving world.

As players delve into the challenges associated with Solid Snake and the CardboardBox, they’ll discover new dimensions of gameplay that blend the worlds of Metal Gear Solid and Fortnite in an unprecedented manner.

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