How to earn Gold Bars in Candy Crush?

Candy Crush has many currencies and Gold Bars are semi premium, which allows players to get a ton of items.

Candy Crush Gold Bars
Candy Crush Gold Bars (image via. candycrushwiki)

Candy Crush has become very popular since its release, with a massive player base all around the world. Here are all the ways by which you can earn Gold Bars in Candy Crush.

Gold or Gold Bars is the premium currency in Candy Crush and is used in a variety of things. This includes, getting extra lives in the game, getting additional moves, and even some amazing boosters. These come in handy when you are in a pinch so they are nice to have.

Gold Bars in Candy Crush

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Gold bars were introduced in the game as a semi-premium currency as a middle ground between spending Sugar Drops which are completely free and real money. Players can spend Gold bars in events as well, which can get you some great items.

There have been very minimal events in the game that have given Gold Bars for free. However, players can earn them through a few events that run in the game. You can obtain them through special events, Episode Race, and Candy Necklace. Earlier this used to be smaller amounts, but recently players can get decent amounts of Gold through Episode Race and Candy Royale.

Players can buy the following items through Gold Bars:

  • Extra Moves
  • Extra Lives
  • Boosters

Gold Bars are quite rare, so players should use them when they absolutely need it. However, you can buy Gold Bars in Candy Crush using real money from the in-game Store.

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