How to Buy UC in BGMI After Ban (Android/iOS)

Buy UC in BGMI After Ban (Android/iOS)
03/02/2023/ Buy UC in BGMI After Ban (Android/iOS)

A few hours after BGMI is taken down from the Google Play Store and App Store, players are subject to UC buying limitations. We went to the official BGMI website and were pleased to learn that purchasing UC was an option.

The official website for Battlegrounds Mobile India contains a button that you may use to go to the Codashop website and purchase the UC for your BGMI Id. But an error appeared when we clicked on it. If you don’t already know, I’ll inform you that there are only two authorized ways to get UC For BGMI, both of which are prohibited, thus you must purchase UC illegally.

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Buy UC in BGMI After Ban

Battlegrounds Mobile India uses Unknown Cash (UC) as its in-game money. Battlegrounds Mobile players in India may use real money to purchase in-game cash.

Outfits, skins, crates, friends, emotes, characters, the Battle Pass, and other stuff may all be purchased using UC.

After the game was taken down from the Google Play Store and App Store, players are no longer able to buy UC in the game. In-game purchases are limited in the Google Play Store.

Should you attempt, there is a simple technique to purchasing the UC using your BGMI ID.

These steps will show you how to use this strategy while buying UC:

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Using VPN

You could be permitted to purchase the UC through In-Game or Codashop if the sale of UC has been prohibited in India for BGMI, which would allow you to modify the DNS server for your mobile device.

The VPN may be downloaded from this page. After downloading, adhere to these easy instructions:

  • Get the app by clicking here.
  • Open It After Installing
  • There is a “Switch Location To” option on the display. This is followed by the DNS for the appropriate server. You can select that.
  • Choose a server or DNS now from India or Thailand.
  • Now return to BGMI (Firstly remove from the background and reopen it)
  • Now visit UC Purchase; you will undoubtedly make an in-game purchase because it has so far worked on my phone.
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Using Codashop

You can recheck after using a VPN to see if the UC Fro BGMI is all that Codashop is allowed to offer.

  • Open the VPN that we shared above.
  • Connect now to a server in Thailand or India.
  • Do a Google search for “BGMI UC Codashop” now.
  • Click the link that first appeared.
  • You can purchase a UC Card for your BGMI ID from this point on.

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