How to Buy Free Fire Diamonds in 2023 from Codashop

How to Buy Free Fire Diamonds in 2023 from Codashop
24/01/2023/ How to Buy Free Fire Diamonds in 2023 from Codashop / Credits – Codashop

One of the two main currencies available to players in Garena Free Fire is diamonds. These are essential for people who want to get their hands on the most sought-after, pricey, and unique in-game things.

In essence, there are numerous ways for players to get them, with the in-game top-up center serving as the main one. Aside from that, one may purchase the money on a number of top-up websites, such Codashop.

Players will be able to finish the top-up quite fast because using websites like Codashop isn’t that challenging. The section below frequently contains comprehensive instructions and help for people who are inexperienced with utilizing these kinds of websites.

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How to complete top-up on Codashop

Utilizing Codashop is an easy and straightforward approach. The following stages will walk you through the full process:

Step 1: Using any of the web browsers available on your device, begin by looking for the Codashop website.

Step 2: A list of the different games for which you may top up will be shown. The next step is to choose “Free Fire” from the list of alternatives.

Step 3: The top-up and payment choices will shortly appear on your screen. To finish the process, you must decide on the quantity of diamonds required and the mode of payment. Depending on the location you belong to, different prices and payment methods will be available.

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Step 4: The diamonds will shortly be applied to your Free Fire account when the transaction is complete. You may also take advantage of the in-game top-up event’s goodies.

An alternative method (in-game top-up center)

If you are hesitant to use Codashop to purchase diamonds, you can use the in-game top-up center. It is more convenient for most people because it is immediately there in the battle royale title.

The following is how to use the top-up center:

Step 1: Begin by launching Garena Free Fire on your mobile device.

Step 2: Now, at the top of the screen, touch on the “Diamond” icon. This will take you to the top-up center in-game.

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Step 3: Finally, choose the amount of diamonds you want to buy and complete the payment. Garena will credit your account with the diamonds shortly.

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