How to Beat Pac Man levels everytime?

Pac Man is a classic and here are some tips to beat your own high score easily.

Pac Man
Pac Man (image via. aconsumingexperience.com)

There are only a few games that can claim to be as influential and as iconic as Pac Man. The game is still popular, as mobile and browser versions have made it easy to play anywhere you want. Here are some simple tips to clear Pac Man every time.

The basic gameplay of Pac Man involves controlling a Pac Man and eating all of the dots that is found on the map. However, to hinder progression there are 4 ghosts that will try to hunt down the player as they move through the map. The maps are generally looped and like a maze and players need to outrun the ghosts and get all the dots.

How to get better at Pac Man?

Pac Man is a classic game with a very simple gameplay. You need to collect all the dots around the maze-like map and while escaping all the ghosts. It might seem simple, but it is surprisingly difficult. Here are some tips so that you make it out every time.

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Focus on the Closest Enemy

Focusing on the closest Ghost and dodging it properly is a great survival tactic. However, if two or more come close you should sim to move to a different part of the map. Do not worry, you can come back to the part again later.

Use the Big Dots

Among the smaller dots on the map, you will find a few Big Dots scattered all over. these big dots give you a power-up where you can catch the ghosts to get more points. The caught ghosts will return to their spawn point, and will get out after a while. Eat these Big Dots while near the ghosts and hunt them down for a higher score and safer map.

Avoid Choke Points

While near more than 1 Ghost, you should always avoid paths that have only two exits. If the two ghosts enter the two different exits then the run is basically over, unless you have a Big Dot to use.

Implementing these few tips will take you a long way towards clearing the levels and getting the score you want in Pac Man.

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