How to Beat Minesweeper?

Minesweeper is a difficult strategy game and we give you some tips and tricks to ace it everytime.

Minesweeper (image via. minesweeperonline.com)

Minesweeper originally came pre-installed in Windows, and is a classic. Minesweeper is a strategy game where players need to complete a level by clicking on all the tiles except the ones with Mines on them.

You can download this game from the Windows Store if your PC does not have it, to enjoy this small but fun game. However, it requires you to apply some level of strategy to it in order to complete the levels. It is difficult, and based on a bit of luck, but you can consistently win following these simple tips.

Minesweeper and how to Beat it?

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Minesweeper might seem very difficult when you start playing it, but by following the patterns you can ascertain some level of game plan. The game opens up with a board with many clickable tiles. Once you click on the tiles it turns and if its a safe tile it will either be empty or contain a number. If the tile contains a mine, you need to restart again. However, the first click is always a safe spot.

You need to keep this simple rule in mind while playing. Here are some more tips for you:

Use Mouse Buttons

The left mouse button is used to click and turn the tiles. Meanwhile, the right mouse button can mark tiles that you might think potentially contains mines. Marking tiles can make it easier to remember them later in the game when there is a lot going on. You can also interchange the button if you want to, from the Settings.

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Follow the Numbers

When you click on a tile you might see a number on them. This can range from 1, 2, or 3. The numbers showcase the number of mines that are currently bordering the tile. You can assume the mines surrounding the tile by looking at these numbers.

Following these tips you can plan out the tiles that might potentially contain the mines and play around them until you find the last safe tile. Beating Minesweeper might be difficult, but following these tips you might find it to be easier.

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