How to join 1v1 Mode in COD Mobile?

This article is for beginners only & contains only plausible alternatives for 1v1 duel mode.

COD Mobile 1v1
COD Mobile 1v1 mode

Remember the time when you could 1v1 match with the most intense solo mode in COD Mobile? Gone are the days when you could go head to head with your opponent without anyone carrying certain loadout advantages & extra perks. 1v1 mode in COD Mobile used to be the best medium to test your raw skills in the game.

Not much information is available about why COD Mobile removed the 1v1 Match Duel mode. No one ever really objected as every player was hooked up with the constant updates. Now for people who miss the feeling of probably the best mode in the game, here are a few ways you can still experience the Duel Mode. All you ever need to do is to be smart about it.

How to set the 1v1 Mode & Map Selection in COD Mobile

To kickstart, first create a room & choose any game mode that doesn’t have any other objective except killing your opponent. Such game modes are available in custom rooms like Frontline & Team Death Match.  Try to increase or decrease the kill & time limit according to your choice.

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Next & the most important in my opinion, choose maps that have less area to cover. Small maps such as Shipment 1944, KillHouse, Rust will surely save you a lot of time while also offering you the most intense close & mid-range fights. Shipment 1944 is one of the smallest maps in the game where you’ll have to face your opponent right after they respawn.

Nevertheless, the experience of ultra-close range combats in maps such as Gulag & Saloon is still unparalleled. Although, players can still play the maps in the Gunfight mode.

Note: You can also sort it out with the other player to have a fair match with the same loadout & perks equipped. It will surely match the experience of the 1v1 duel that we used to relish so much.

How you can Create or Join a Custom Room?

Step 1: If you don’t have the latest version, update the game, then run the application & wait for it to load till the main menu appears. Now select the mode of the custom room. Players will have to choose between Battle Royale or Multiplayer, then tap on that mode to proceed to the next screen.

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Step 2: Now go for the menu option (three horizontal bars) located at the extreme top right corner of your screen. Tap on the menu icon, then select the option Private, which will be available on the list.

Step 3: Great work, the screen that you see right now is your own Custom room. You will find your Room id at the top left corner of your screen. Or you can invite your friends from the invite menu available on the right-hand side. Just below your room id, you will find options of match settings to customize your own room experience. You can also invite players with the help of the icon at the bottom of your screen, located towards the left-hand side. The option of game mode selection is at the bottom right corner of the screen. From there, you can select the map & the match type. Spectator’s slot is available just above the player’s slot. Now to join a room there’s one last step that you’ll need to follow.

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Step 4: To join a room using Room id & password simply find the home like option (🏠) which is located at the top right of your screen & tap on it. Then a window will appear where you will need to put the correct room id & search for it. If the following window asks for a password just put the correct password then tap on the Join button & voila! You are in. Choose your slot & when you are all set, press the ready button so that the admin can start the game. You can also chat with your fellow teammates & opponents while you wait for the match to kick off. Pretty cool right? No more bored to death sitting idle in the lobby.

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