How Mario vs Donkey Kong Fits Into The Complex History of Mario and DK

How Mario vs. Donkey Kong Fits Into The Complex History of Mario and DK
23.02.2024 | Mario vs. Donkey Kong, a unique puzzle-platformer, has always stood out in the Mario franchise. As a series that has undergone a 2024 remake, it continues to play with the already complex lore of Mario and Donkey Kong. |  Credit: Nintendo

One of the most distinctive puzzle-platformers in the Mario series has always been Mario vs. Donkey Kong. Having undergone a 2024 makeover, the series keeps experimenting with the already intricate Mario and Donkey Kong mythos.

The 2024 remake adds some additional material along with some contemporary changes while preserving the core of the original game. This essay explores the strange background of Mario vs. Donkey Kong and considers it within the larger framework of Mario and DK’s relationship.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong adds even more depth to the already rather confusing lore surrounding Mario and Donkey Kong. The game’s current version of Donkey Kong, with his pointed skull and red tie, is influenced by the Donkey Kong Country video games. The series’ numerous allusions to the original Donkey Kong arcade games, however, run counter to this portrayal.

One major factor that adds to this uncertainty is the complex family tree that has been built up over time. In actuality, the contemporary Donkey Kong—the one with the pointed skull and tie—is the grandchild of the original Donkey Kong from the arcade classic from 1981. The storyline that runs through Donkey Kong Country describes the arcade Donkey Kong as a juvenile version of Cranky Kong, a figure that plays a big part in DK mythology.

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How Mario vs Donkey Kong Fit Into The Complex History of Mario and DK

The convoluted storyline traces its roots back to Cranky Kong, who was initially the arcade Donkey Kong. The original narrative proposed that the arcade Donkey Kong was the grandfather of the modern Donkey Kong, introduced in 1994’s Donkey Kong Country. This Kong lineage follows Cranky Kong/Arcade Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and finally, the Donkey Kong with a red tie and pointed head.

However, the plot thickens with the release of Donkey Kong ’94 in the same year as Donkey Kong Country. This Game Boy title features a DK that looks like the modern version, despite reenacting Cranky Kong’s role in the 1981 arcade game. According to a 1994 Nintendo Online article, the DK in this game is also considered Cranky Kong, introducing an intriguing layer of inconsistency.

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Mario vs. Donkey Kong’s Role:

The Mario vs. Donkey Kong series picked up from the 1994 Game Boy title, casting the modern Donkey Kong as the antagonist, despite the Country series portraying him as a hero. In the Country series, DK embarks on adventures unrelated to Mario, starring as the protagonist in his own right. Despite this, the Donkey Kong in Mario vs. Donkey Kong remains the same ape from the Country series.

To add yet another twist to the tale, The Super Mario Bros. Movie decided to portray modern DK as the son of Cranky Kong, entirely omitting DK Jr. from the equation. The movie even sees Mario and DK teaming up, showcasing a different dynamic from the adversarial one presented in Mario vs. Donkey Kong.

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The tangled history of Mario and Donkey Kong, especially highlighted by the Mario vs. Donkey Kong series, exemplifies Nintendo’s penchant for narrative complexity. The blurred lines between different versions of DK, their relationships with Mario, and the reinterpretation of characters across various games and media contribute to the perpetual mystery that surrounds this iconic duo. As players continue to enjoy the entertaining antics of Mario and DK, it’s clear that the vine of their history remains wonderfully intricate and delightfully confusing.

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