How does Morale work in Retro Bowl?

Retro Bowl's Morale will be useful for players when signing contracts and to have a clean game both off and on the field.

Retro Bowl
Retro Bowl (image via. YouTube: Crimson 76)

Retro Bowl is a American football manager game where you start off as a Head Coach of a promising team and your job is to take your teams to the championships. The game has a level of depth that is surprising for a browser game, as this career can take your hours and hours to complete. Among the many factors, Morale effects your players greatly.

Morale is a trait that effects the players that you can obtain in the game. These players all have potentials that effect their playmaking. Morale is also a factor in how they perform overall. This can affect both their on-field behavior and also their performance.

Morale in Retro Bowl: How to maintain Morale?

YouTube: Crimson76

Morale affects the overall performance and behavior of the player during a match. Low morale will make the players do bad things on and off the field. This can include swearing, unsportsmanlike behavior, and even causing penalties. Low Morale can also affect the contracts in game. If a player has low morale, they will refuse to sign a contract with you.

Now, there are several ways in which players can maintain and raise the moral of the players. As the Coach you can get more morale by praising the players after the match. You will find the option on the end screen of a match. Additionally morale can be brought with money in case you want to get it instantly.

Leveling up a player also increase their morale by a lot. Another way of getting morale passively is to pass the ball to the player in the matches. Doing these will guarantee that the players stay at high morale throughout the season.

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