How Does Fortnite. gg Works? Legit or Scam?

 Fortnite. gg
Locker feature

Fortnite. gg is a website that is specifically Fortnite based website. Moreover, the game provides details, updates, and many more interesting new things for Fortnite players. The website has features like ranking reveal, best setting, shop, and many more things like these.

However, the most interesting thing about Fortnite. gg was its Locker feature. So, let’s take a view on the working of this website, and is it real or just a scam?

What is Fortnite. gg Website?

 Fortnite. gg
Fortnite Inventory

Fortnite. gg is a website that focuses on the game Fortnite. However, we all know how popular is Fortnite across the world. And, websites like these provide players with every kind of detail about the game. Moreover, the website gives information related to the game Fortnite like settings, guides, news, giveaways and etc.

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Earlier, the website became famous because of its locker feature. Furthermore, Fortnite players often love to spend on the game and buy new cosmetics and skins. Items in the game can be bought by spending V-Bucks. V-Bucks is the in-game currency of Fortnite which can be bought by spending real money.


Locker facility of Fortnite. gg claimed that it can show the amount of money players have spent till now. Furthermore, players can check their account’s inventory along with the amount spent on it.

Later on, for security purposes, the website had to add a sign-in option. Epic Games didn’t give permission to any third-party apps to view game account. Epic games also warned their players to enable 2FA for security purposes. Later, Epic games locked out accounts for the player who signed in on Fortnite. gg.

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Currently, the website has no right to show a player’s accounts. Moreover, Epic games don’t allow players to log in from any third-party website. So, it’s recommended to not use the website to check account details.

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