Honkai Star Rail Redeem Codes for August 2023: Get 100 Stellar Jades for Free!

The latest Honkai Star Rail Redeem Codes promise 50 Stellar Jades!

Honkai Star Rail Redeem Codes
New Character Kafka (image via. YouTube Star Rail)

Honkai Star Rail has almost rivaled Genshin Impact in terms of popularity, and continues to grow till date. New characters and storylines are being introduced monthly, and players are eagerly waiting to pull their favorites. Stellar Jades are the premium currency, and very hard to come by. Honkai Star Rail Redeem Codes are a great way to get free gems, and a few have been released this month.

The codes are easy to use and can be redeemed from both the browser, or from an in-game redemption panel. Here are the active codes for this month.

Honkai Star Rail Redeem Codes: Patch 1.2 Second Half Features a Brand New Code

YouTube: Arekkz Gaming

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The Star Rail codes generally give the players some Stellar Jades along with credits, which are required for leveling up your characters and weapons. Every major patch, a livestream is held, where three unique codes are given out. However, the downside is that it stays online for only 12 hours. To combat this issue, there are some permanent codes available that give rewards one time.

Active Codes for August 2023:

  • 8B64E57RPP3P – 50x Stellar Jade, 10k credits
  • BTN5EL69P6K3 – 50 Stellar Jades, 10k Credits
  • STARRAILGIFT – 50 Stellar Jade, 10k Credits, Traveler’s Guides, 5 Bottled Sodas

The first one is a brand-new code that was released alongside the Kafka banner, today. However, players can also look forward to the 1.3 Patch livestream in order to get limited-time codes.

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How to get the Honkai Star Rail Redeem Codes Rewards?

YouTube: Volkin

Redeeming theΒ codes is a relatively simple affair. You can either choose to redeem it through the in-game portal, or through the browser. We list down both the methods.


  • This is the easiest method and the one we recommend. Players simply need to follow these steps:
  • Open the game on your device and click on your Trailblazer Profile. It will be marked by three dots right beside your profile picture.
  • You will see an option called Redemption Codes.
  • Opening it will show a box where you need to input the codes one by one, and click on redeem.
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  • Open the official Star Rail Redemption center for codes on your preferred browser.
  • Select the Server you play in, your Character Nickname, and lastly enter the Redeem code.
  • Click on Redeem and you are done!

In both the cases, the rewards will be sent directly to the in-game mailbox, which you can claim by going to your mailbox and clicking on the “Claim All” option.

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