Honkai Star Rail all set to expand Xianzhou Storyline in Patch 1.2

Honkai Star Rail will be revealing their new storyline in Patch 1.2!

Honkai Star Rail
Blade Banner (image via. StarRail)

Honkai Star Rail has been out for less than a year, but has become on of the most beloved Hoyoverse properties. With the massive success of this turn-based single player game, the developers are all set to expand the story further. Honkai Star Rail Patch 1.2 will be introducing players to the second half of the Xianzhou Starship story, along with some new characters.

The story line of Honkai Star Rail involved you travelling to the Xianzhou Starship in search of another Stellaron. The starship only had a handful of quests to complete, as players eagerly awaited the new content.

Honkai Star Rail Patch 1.2: New Storyline, New Characters and more

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The story line of Star Rail is intriguing and travelling through a variety of planets on a cosmic railway is nothing short of amazing. The current storyline has been stuck at the Xianzhou Starship, where players can only complete about half the story quests. After the story quests end, players can complete another handful of side missions.

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Similarly, players can only access half the map of Xianzhou. For those who were waiting for new updates, the wait is no more. Hoyoverse recently had a livestream, where voice actors talked about the upcoming content, along with some new characters. The trailer showcased Xianzhou and a new big bad to defeat, further expanding the mysteries of the starship. The Mara-struck and the Medicus faction had been causing all sorts of trouble, and it seems that will finally get some resolution.

New Characters

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With this new patch players can also access two new characters along with a returning banner. Blade and Luka are the two new characters making a grand entry.

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Blade is 5-Star Destruction Path Wind type character, which is a first in the game. He will deal massive amounts of damage, but will also be relatively tanky. One special feature of Blade is that all his damaging abilities will consume his own HP. This makes his damage very high but at a cost. However, it seems like he will be a perfect match for the healer Luocha.

Luka will be 4-Star Nihility Path Physical type character which will be a brawler. Nihility types generally give debuffs and deal loads of damage, so it will be interesting to see Luka’s performance after release.

Along with these two character, Kakfa the Stellaron Hunter will also receive a new banner. She is a Lightning Type Nihility Path 5-Star character, who is well known as a difficult boss in Simulated Universe.

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Honkai Star Rail’s 1.2 Patch will be arriving in the game by the end of next week, so players can start farming their Crystals for the new banners.

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