GTA 6’s release date might be Near but Fans still need to wait a while

GTA 6's release might just be around the corner with major speculations on the next year release.

GTA 6 (image via. PCgamesN)

There has not been any other game that has the same following and hype as GTA or Grand Theft Auto. Moreover, GTA 6 has been especially awaited by fans as the previous version was a massive success. Almost 9 years later, we might finally be nearing the release date!

GTA as a franchise has always been consistent. From GTA Vice City to GTA 5, fans have always enjoyed the game to bits, even if there had been numerous bugs, bad graphics, and release delays. Naturally, when the sixth in the franchise was announced after the success of GTA 5, fans were overjoyed. However, this wait has stretched for over 9 years now, as the community still waits for the release.

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GTA 6 might Release by Next Year

YouTube: WesNemo

GTA 6 has had many updates in the upcoming years. These range from leaks to speculations about the game among the community and from data miners. However, Rockstar Studios has kept the game under wraps, except one unfortunate incident.

There was an incident last year, where confidential GTA 6 pictures were leaked by a hacker. Moreover, it was later found that it was from the pre-alpha phase of the game. Although quite old, there was even a case pending against the hacker. It did not follow up, but players and the GTA community found hope that the game was being made. Moreover, those leaks were quite old, belonging to a few years prior.

With many such leaks, although not of this magnitude, surrounding the community, there has been a constant hope of its release very soon. However, these have not resulted to any solid gameplay or trailer from the studio’s side. A few leakers on Twitter, have recently speculated that the game might just release next year at the latest. With this leak, it was also speculated that Red Dead Redemption will also be receiving a remastered version.

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If these leaks are to be believed, Rockstar fans are in for a treat late this year, or next year. But all these leaks might just be a hoax, as it has happened frequently earlier as well.

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