GTA 5 Online: Developers Giving Free Vehicles in the game

GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online

Rockstar Games GTA V stands second in the list of most popular games for the console. The first place, as expected, is grabbed by FIFA 20. The rankings indicate that Grand Theft Auto 5 Online for consoles is the most purchased game these days.

The developers have released some of the latest exciting events where you can get 3X money rewards and tons of bonus opportunities. Apart from this, the news that caught the eyes is the giveaway of free vehicles in the game. However, vehicles that developers are giving away are not very popular in terms of performance.

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Free Vehicle in GTA 5 Online: Cars and Superbikes

The first on the list is the three-wheeled BF Raptor car. Raptor is a sportscar that is quite challenging to drive. The outer look is dashing and looks cool, but wait, that’s just the only thing one can like about it.

The second on the list is the bike named Principal Nemesis, one of the cheapest in the game. The price of this sports bike is around 12K dollars but is available for free. Along with this, Tzu Hakka Chu has been added to the list. This is probably one of the fastest bikes in the game, and you can grab it for no cost at all. The original price of the bike falls somewhere between 80K-90K dollars.

Another unusual name on the list is the Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer. Although the vehicle is not made for race tracks, you can roam around freely in the game using it.

If you are planning to get these super expensive cars and bikes to Los Santos Customs to sell for some mighty dollars, then this, for sure, not going to happen. As the season expires, the price of these vehicles will come to the original, and you won’t be able to sell them for dollars. The developers have also noted this, and they are not going to give you money for free.

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