Free Fire Max Winterland Rewards 2022: New Leaks

Free Fire
15/12/2022/Players are eagerly waiting for Winterlands rewards/Credits: ADMM Gaming YouTube.

The majority of Free Fire MAX players mostly get free gifts in the battle royale game through events. The December event series for the game is typically released by the creators. According to recent reports, Free Fire Max Winterlands 2022 is set to open. And the community appears excited about the various freebies that they will be able to obtain.

Knightclown and BB BHAI, two well-known data miners, have revealed several free items that would be available during Winterlands 2022. Below are further specifics on the information they gave.

The Free Fire MAX India server will soon receive Winterlands 2022, most likely following the completion of the “Football Fable” festivities. In order to give users different free incentives, it will launch a number of events.

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Free Fire Max Winterland Rewards

The mentioned data miners revealed that a wide range of cosmetics would be included among the free gifts. That could be won in connection with Winterlands 2022 through a recent Instagram post. Each of these will have a winter theme and a Christmas feel to them.

  • Vehicle: Rock ‘n’ Rider
  • Frosty Fryer
  • Frost Blast
  • SleigherQueen
  • The freezing Happy Melody

However, it is unknown exactly how players will be able to get these things or what events Winterlands 2022 will feature. People should therefore pay attention and wait for official Garena information.

Additionally, it should be noted that the products listed are leaks and have not been confirmed by Garena; as a result, users should treat them with caution. Even still, the data miners have a good reputation, and the majority of the material they cite eventually appears in Free Fire MAX.

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New Leaks

In addition to the free products from Winterlands 2022, the data miners have revealed information about the impending Winterland Special Token Royale. Like in every previous Luck Royale in Free Fire MAX, players must pay Diamonds to obtain the various goodies that are offered.

Essentially, the Cannibal Havoc bundle will be the Winterland Special Token Royale’s main draw, according to the leaks. Users will presumably be able to change their appearance on the battlefield thanks to its exclusive “Look Change” feature.

The Fist skin, a Gloo Wall cosmetic, a parachute, and a surfboard are additional goods that are probably going to be included in the Winterland Special Token Royale. Nevertheless, neither of these claims has been verified.

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