Free Fire Dead: Is it Losing Popularity In India?

Free Fire
Free Fire Dead is not happening, as its popularity is increasing day by day.| Credit: Free Fire

Free Fire always takes every chance to impress its audience as they have millions of users and is pulling out new players too. Garena released Free Fire for Android and IOS operating systems And now it has become one of the most played battle Royal games in the Mobile gaming industry. 50 players play grana free fire at a time it starts with a plane hovering over the Island. By jumping into any place on the Island Players start playing the game. The last survivor in the game is the winner for which players have to increase their survival skills by collecting armor, weapons, and ammunition. They also kill their opponents and conquer the match.

Look at the back when Free Fire was released and stands out itself apart from the competition with other mobile gaming apps. Free Fire gained popularity because of its low specifications, 10-minute gameplay experience, and and could Run games on 1 GB phones.

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Is Free Fire dead?

The boom in the Free Fire mobile game came in the year of 2019 but everything changed in the year 2020. Lockdown contributes a lot to the growth of this game and Indian YouTubers play a crucial role too. When PUBG was banned in India the competitor of free fire it gained a massive boom. The day Free Fire died when it was banned in India But that doesn’t stop the player from playing their favorite game. Many users get access to their Free Fire accounts from several other methods. While Free Fire Max becomes the only way for the players to get back account access.

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Don’t worry Free Fire Dead has not happened, till today this battle Royal survival game is when the hearts of millions of players. Pay-to-win games allow players to invest real money to Buy diamonds and a lot more items in the game.

Free Fire most Popular Mobile Game In India

The most streamed mobile game in India. Which mainly to gaming mode the Battle Royale and the Clash squad. Battle Royale is just played by 50 players in a particular place. Side Clash Square is a team-based gaming mode in which two teams of four players fight with each other in a Best of Five Match. 

While seeing a graph back at the time released shows that Free Fire has more users in India than in any other country. The main reason is that it does not require any heavy device to run the game and provides a more user-friendly gameplay environment. 

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Not at all Free Fire dead, the players not stopping using their favorite Battle Royal mobile game. Free Fire is one of the few battle Royal games that provides huge amounts of rewards and many other things. This provides many free we such as skins, costumes, guns, emotes, and more. You can get these rewards by participating and events too.  Free to download Mobile gaming app allow players to spend real money to purchase diamonds. Go and play a game to get exciting rewards.