Free Fire OB37 Patch Notes, Trogon gun and more

free fire advance server
14/11/2022/Free Fire Max is revealed new features in OB37 Advance Server/Creativity: Prithvi Gaming YouTube

Like the previous upgrades, there is palpable excitement in the community surrounding the Free Fire OB37 patch. The Free Fire OB37 which the developers deploy weeks before the patch, feeds the enthusiasm by giving a sneak peek at the features. The developers have begun issuing teases as the update’s release date approaches in a matter of days.

They have also, as usual, canceled their animated chat show, emphasizing the major changes that the impending upgrade will bring. The Kelly Show: S03E06 is a brand new video that Garena just posted to the official Free Fire Global YouTube channel. The six-minute-long movie highlights a vast number of characteristics. This comprises: On November 16, 2022, Garena will release the OB37 update for Free Fire, which includes a brand-new Zombie Hunt PVE Mode. 

Advance Server Patch Notes

To level up their skins and improve their weaponry, they must beat waves of foes. Users will also keep respawning until at least one member of their squad is still alive. The game mode also entails purchasing equipment and weapons from a vending machine.

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Players can overpower their opponents at close range by using the flexible trogon. You may go back and forth between the two modes of this shotgun-style grenade launcher.

Free Fire OB37 Description

The Advance Server’s description of the weapon is as follows: “A shotgun with a grenade launcher attached. You can switch between shotgun and grenade modes, but exercise caution when utilizing grenade mode to avoid hurting yourself unintentionally”.

Launch Pads, which will be included with the Free Fire OB37 upgrade, will let users move fast over vast distances. It can only be used four times and significantly alters gameplay tactics.

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Trogon Gun

Striking adversaries or reloading gives gamers greater feedback and information. Several firearms will be put up for auction because the market is strong for them. The popular M1014 can now be upgraded, just like some weapons like the FAMAS, SCAR, and M4A1. Buffs will be applied to the Woodpecker, AN94, Thompson, MAC0, and FF Knife. 

On November 16, 2022, the new Clash Squad Ranked Season 16 will debut. Gamers will earn the unique Golden AK47 as a reward for reaching the Gold 3 level. The weapons are prominently emphasized in the Free Fire OB37 update, and Garena has added the Weapon Mastery. This enables people to monitor their development when using a specific gun. It will include weapon achievements for headshots, eliminations, and damage, as well as offer extra incentives.

Free Fire OB37 Launch Pad

In the Free Fire advance server update, a brand new map with an ice theme will be added to the Lone Wolf mode. People will have access to more variety, which has been lacking ever since the game mode was made available. A more user friendly makeover of the Minimap has been done. Now that users may access the Minimap instantly, the game’s overall navigation is made simpler.

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With the OB37 upgrade, Garena is enhancing the game atmosphere. Now, players will receive compensation for bad gaming experiences brought on by unpleasant teammates. To report colleagues, use the report function. Indian players should not play Free Fire due to government-imposed limitations. They might participate in the MAX version instead and use the same new features.

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