Fortnite X Elder Scrolls brings in New and Exclusive Sigil of The Alliance War Back Bling

Fortnite X Elder Scrolls has collaborated to bring in some free and other cosmetic items in the in-game store.

Fortnite X Elder Scrolls
Fortnite X Elder Scrolls (image via. Bethesda)

Fortnite has been collaborating with a lot of brands and games recently, and Elder Scrolls is one of the them. The popular RPG game has released a new cosmetic in Fortnite as a promotional material. Here is how you can get the Fortnite x Elder Scrolls exclusive back bling for free.

Elder Scrolls has recently revealed their brand new DLC called Necrom and it has created quite a buzz in the gaming community. Elder Scrolls is one of the oldest MMO games ever made, and still has a amazing fanbase. Players constantly mod the game to bring in new content, but the wait comes to an end as an official DLC has been released. To celebrate this occasion, Fortnite has introduced a brand new item in the game that symbolizes Necrom.

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Fortnite x Elder Scrolls: How to get the free Back Bling?

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Elder Scrolls Online was originally a paid game, but on 20 July 2023 the game was made completely free on Epic Games Store. This will be staying in the store till 27 July, 2023 and players can get the copy for free till then.

However, this was the celebrate the DLC of Necrom that released alongside this offer. After the sale period is over, players can still buy the game from the Epic Games Store for $19.99. Moreover, you can also obtain a free Back Bling for Fortnite from this occasion.

How to unlock it?

Players simply need to have a Fortnite account, and buy this game from the Epic Store in order to unlock this. There are no events or missions to complete, as Bethesda is giving this out for completely free. You can either get the free copy of the game during this time period, and open Fortnite to get the back Bling, or you can buy it later as well. This cosmetic will be obtainable all the way till next year, as long as you own the Elder Scrolls base game. However, after the sale ends you will need to buy it using $19.99.

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The Sigil of the Alliance War Back Bling will be given once you buy the game and log in to Fortnite. Once you log-in you can automatically get the back bling in your inventory. There have also been several leaks about the release of new items related to Elder Scrolls in the following days. This will include pickaxes and also skins for character and weapons. The Fortnite X Elder Scrolls is officially live now in-game and players can access the items in the Store.

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