Fortnite: Halloween 2020 & Latest Leaks, Complete Guide Here

Fortnite Halloween 2020
Fortnite Halloween 2020

As the holiday season is about to start, Fortnite’s annual Halloween game, the ‘Fortnitemare‘ is just around the corner. Epic has begun to include updates to the decor such as blogs and spooky images. A new portion of ‘Spooky Skins’ is now available in the store. In the future, the OG Skulltrooper skins may also be included.

Fortnite knows the spooky festival’s passion that people have. The spooky theme has been followed and previously incorporated into the game. Epic has officially provided no detail about the latest skins and cosmetics to come to Fortnite this holiday season. Leakers think the two new skins that are to be found in Fortnite Halloween are Victoria Saint and Sagan.

The introduction of an exclusive skin from Gamestop is not explicitly linked to the case but to the theme of Fortnite Halloween. It was the Pickaxe of Merry Mint last year, but there is no information about what this year will come out.

Fortnite: Different updates for Halloween

First, reports are that Epic might upgrade the fight bus in Fortnite. The blueprint is available in Stark Industries on a whiteboard. The bus could also work on the prototype of a reactor.

The second is to transform the ‘Risky Reels’ into the ‘Risky Cafe.’ This could take place at any moment, without warning.

Thirdly, since the Rocket League will now be free on all platforms, A free prize, a Rocket League-Fortnite partnership, can be redeemed for players.

Next up, in Battle Royale mode Wolverine will become a legendary boss. At the completion of the game, players will be able to use the skin of Wolverine in Fortnite.

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Game files also include details on the annual combat pass and the mega pack. A mega package with lots of incentives could last a whole year. Epic has however dismissed all proposals for its launch.

The latest update also addresses a variety of community-reported bugs.

Fortnite: The Fifth Week


Week 5 of the fourth chapter will be added as well. This is an outline of the challenges in week 5. A Wolverine Glider is the reward for these challenges.

The inclusion of new limited-time modes, similar to Halloween last year’s Storm King mode in Fortnite, will also be followed by week 5.

Moreover, Epic is very likely to eventually add a Black Panther skin to the game or a Venom skin. Since the beginning of the season, the files of both skins are now in play. However, considering Chadwick Boseman’s recent death, the actor who played Black Panther in the films, this would be a fitting honor.

Fortnite: Additional Minor Changes

The helicopter on the map will eventually transfer to a spot called ‘authority.’ Except for the change of venue, there are no more details. The arrival of a birthday skin of Fortnite in the game files will be another chance.

The Sif and the Ghost-Rider skin are also possible to join the game. Finally, the bug that causes players to go AFK in creative mode and snap XP will be resolved by Epic.

The patch will have several fun events and skins with minor bug fixes to boost the Fortnite game.

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In the latest legal battle, Epic and Apple have gone into. To Save the World Mode is not available on Mac from the beginning of October. Whoever has shopped on the Mac will get a reimbursement within one or two days.

Fortnite: The Leaks on Event Information- Fortnite Halloween


Fortnitmares return was not far off, as some of the Halloween NPCs were new content for Fortnite’s leaks to play the game. Epic Games has not confirmed the return of Fortnitemares at the time of release, but thanks to the files of the recent updates, we know it is coming back in some capacity. These files don’t show a lot, but they disclose what seems to be Fortnitemares’ unfinished NPCs.

It seems that there is a separate version of Midas plus Ghostly Ghost Henchmen in Fortnite that carries an AR, Pump, SMG, or Powder Launcher. Sadly, none of this followed by media, unlike some Fortnite data mining leaks.

Below is what has so far been discovered, thanks to this tweet of H Hof HypeX and Intercellular:

Unfinished NPCs most likely for Fortnitemares, thanks to @intercelluar for bringing this to my attention!

Midas (Maybe another version of him):

– Has a Gold Scar, probably a placeholder

– Has 100 HP & 350 Shields

Ghostly Ghost Henchman

– Has an AR, Pump, SMG or Pumpkin Launcher

Of course, nothing here is official. Not only have Fortnite data-based leaks, however, but HypeX in particular was quite accurate.

With respect to Epic Games, it has not commented on the leak or speculation it contains at the moment of publication and is unlikely to do it because it does normally not comment on leaks or any other unofficial form.

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Fortnite: Halloween Edition Map

Fortnite: Marvel Edition

Fortnite players have worked for a long time in the combat pass and avoided the drama of Epic Games with Apple, but they will soon become even busier. Leaks say that Fortnitemares is coming back to Fortnite, with some new NPCs.

The players will be able to expect a version of Midas when using the latest Wolverine Outfits according to a report from the trustworthy Fortnite leaker HYPEX. Midas was all furious back some seasons when he was introduced to the game and for some time he saw the gold-obsessed character.

This latest iteration of NPC is expected to have a golden scar, but this can easily be replaced with a host mark which is in line with Halloween. The edition players are also going to fight with 100 HP and 350 shields.

It will be fascinating to see if any of the superheroes will participate in the fun and dress up for the occasion with Fortnitemares guaranteed during the contents of the Marvel season. Although the super-villain Venom is due to leaking in the near future, a further NPC for the case named Ghostly Ghost Henchman is verified. Although its name is definitely dumb, players should be able to use several weapons to feature the enemy. AR, SMG, or Pumpkin launcher will be launched from the henchman on the basis of HYPEX leaks.

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