Fortnite Chapter 5 Rumors: Wall Running Mechanic Coming Soon

Fortnite Wall Running
07/08/2023 | Wall-Running & Wall-Kicking are both currently being tested for Chapter 5 – Season 1 | Credits: Twitter

With Chapter 4 Season 3 of Fortnite coming to a close, gamers are already buzzing with rumours about the highly anticipated Fortnite Chapter 5. Among the speculations, a potential Titanfall-inspired Wall-Running mechanic has caught the attention of players. Let’s dive into what we know so far about this exciting addition to the game.

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has set itself apart in the battle royale genre with its dynamic and adaptable movement mechanics. Starting with basic movements. The game has evolved over the years to include Sprinting, Sliding, Mantling, and Swinging, giving players a unique and thrilling gaming experience.

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A Glimpse of Hurdling in Chapter 5

In the most recent Chapter 4 update, players were introduced to a short-lived movement mechanic called Hurdling. This mechanic allowed players to maintain momentum while sprinting/ It adding a new dimension to the gameplay.

Now, as players eagerly await Chapter 5, leaks from renowned Fortnite data miner ShiinaBR suggest that Epic Games is testing a Wall-Running and Wall-Kicking movement mechanic inspired by the popular first-person shooter, Titanfall. This dynamic movement system is known for its fast-paced gameplay and adds an extra layer of excitement to the battle.

Credible sources have leaked information about a current playtest conducted by Epic Games post the 25.20 patch release, indicating the possible inclusion of Wall-Running in the upcoming chapter. Fortnite has a history of introducing new movement mechanics with each new chapter, making the community hopeful for this exciting addition.

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Titan Fall’s Wall-Running Concept

In Titanfall, Wall-Running is a simple yet exhilarating concept. Players sprint towards a wall, jump onto it, and then run along its surface using momentum. The Wall-Kicking mechanic allows players to carry that momentum in the form of a kick, similar to the slide kick already available in Fortnite.

As of now, Epic Games has not confirmed the addition of Wall-Running and Wall-Kicking in Fortnite Chapter 5. However, the consistent rumours from credible sources have built anticipation among players. If the speculations prove true, Fortnite fans can look forward to an even more immersive and dynamic gaming experience.

With Fortnite Chapter 5 on the horizon, rumours of a Titanfall-inspired Wall-Running mechanic have sparked excitement within the gaming community. While Epic Games is yet to confirm this addition. The leaks from credible sources have players eagerly awaiting the next chapter’s release. If the speculations hold, the dynamic movement mechanics will undoubtedly take Fortnite to new heights. Offering players a thrilling and unparalleled gameplay experience.

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