FIFA 2021 vs FIFA 2020: Major Differences, Features, and More

Before you are going to move on to the latest release FIFA 21, it is a must to check out how it is different from the previous version.

fifa 2021 vs fifa 2020
FIFA 2021 vs FIFA 2020

FIFA 2021 vs FIFA 2020: Major Differences, Features, and More. FIFA 2021 hit the global servers last year in October in the 28th installment in the FIFA series. The game is first released for Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. Later, the enhanced version rolled out for Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S in December 2020.

Ever since the game is live in the market, people are eagerly waiting to invest within. However, before making the final call, it is necessary to check out how FIFA 2021 is different than the predecessor. This guide will summarize the reviews, user experience, and why you should proceed to buy FIFA 2021 in the market.

“Itโ€™s been a tough year for football, but EA Sportsโ€™ fast, fluid and updated football game is a thrilling all-round scorer”, says Guardian reviews. There have been positive insights from popular gaming review websites. Gamespot rates the football game 8 out of 10 and so does Gamesrader+ says with its 3/5 ratings. However, popular website IGN rates it down than the FIFA 2020. Surprisingly, FIFA 2021โ€™s score on the platform is just 7/10 (less than the 7.8 ratings of the antecedent).

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There are no big features to justify the release of the new version, as per the reviewer. There has constant hype about the minor upgrade of a few skins and pinch in the game. This perhaps is a prolonged debate to argue on. Letโ€™s quickly unwind the key aspects differentiating FIFA 2021 from its preceding version.

FIFA 2021 vs FIFA 2020: Few Major Differences to Look at

fifa 2021 vs fifa 2020
FIFA 2021 vs FIFA 2020: Graphics

To all the football fans out there, the developers have added new kits, squads, and an overall nerfed rating system. FIFA 2021 has also focused on boosting new features in the game. One on the list is the new Football Chief that allows you to affect the overall results of the career mode. With the new football manager style, you can intervene in the game and if things are not going the way you want them, quickly alter them in hand.

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If you want your star player to change his position, another new feature called the Player Development System will allow you to do. The player will be retrained and the improvements are realistic in the game. However, the differences are not just limited to the Carrer Mode of FIFA 2021. Passing and dribbling features in the game have been polished up. With more enhanced Artificial Intelligence, the user experience has revamped than FIFA 2020.

Additionally, players falling down on the grounds is not very realistic in the previous version. Another interesting feature Natural Collision is a major change in FIFA 2021. With this, the odd movements would be more smooth and collisions are going to be more realistic this time.

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You can also make your player ready to make a run before you pass the ball to him. This can be done using the Creative Runs feature of the new game. The controls are in your hands to make a decision if you are going to use them or not. This might sound a little complex to you but is actually a very unique feature in FIFA 2021.

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